Valorant: TenZ Joins Sentinels from Cloud9 for $1.25 million

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, one of the most mechanically gifted Valorant players in the world finally joined Sentinels. Cloud9 allowed the young pro to change teams after securing a $1.25M buyout clause from the Valorant World Champions.

The deal was initially orchestrated back in April 2021, and it had the purchase clause included. While several fans wondered whether TenZ would make the move permanent, it was not exactly in his hands. However, Sentinels did not waste any time and went straight ahead to complete the deal.

The seven-figure deal for TenZ is something fans expected, and it was quite certain that Sentinels were ready to pay the release clause. Although, the loan deal was triggered once Sentinels star Jay “sinatraa” Won, was suspended for sexual misconduct with his former girlfriend.

The investigation is still ongoing, and there is no confirmation whether sinatraa will return to Sentinel's pro roster. That being said, the focus here will be to discuss the shape of things in the Sentinels Valorant roster with TenZ joining permanently.

Cloud9 sells Tyson TenZ Ngo to Sentinels for $1.25M

The future of the NA's Valorant esports was redefined when Sentinels won the VCT Masters 2 Reykjavík. The question that ailed everyone from the start was whether this roster would stay together after the tournament.

Needless to say, Sentinels made sure that they kept the same roster, as they bought TenZ from Cloud9.

This move will go down as one of the most expensive transfers in esports history, and quite well deserved. TenZ is undoubtedly worth every penny Sentinels spent in order to acquire him from Cloud9.

As far as roster changes go, TenZ and Sentinels won VCT Masters 2 Reykjavík without dropping a single map. This means that Sentinels may not need to change their roster at all, and they can work with what they have now.

Is sinatraa coming back to Sentinel's Valorant roster?

Now let's shift the focus on sinatraa for a while. Just the other day, the prominent ex-Overwatch pro broke down on his live stream while playing Valorant. The situation went out of hand when ShahZam joined sinatraa for a game. It was going fine until several fans started posting hate messages on ShahZam's chat for playing with sinatraa.

ShahZam's response was quite clear as he said that he joined sinatraa just to play one game, but he didn't think of the backlash it would get from fans. He mentioned several times that he didn't think the situation through.

ShahZam also cleared any allegations of supporting sinatraa as the investigation is still ongoing. That being said, ShahZam is not in a position to officially commentate on this situation.
In the end, the situation is too complicated for anyone to comment on before the official verdict comes out.

That being said, sinatraa playing with any of his Sentinel's teammates will spark controversy amongst fans.
At this moment, it is difficult to ascertain whether he will ever return to Sentinel's Valorant pro roster.

However, it will be interesting to see if any of the players from the roster will choose to play with sinatraa, after ShahZam said that he didn't think it through.

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