Duality Player Card Redemption Woes

VALORANT players are having trouble redeeming their codes for the DUALITY Player Card, which is a time-exclusive item to obtain.

What is the issue, and why can players not redeem their codes?

How does this affect the 48-hour time limit in which the Player Card is available?

Duality Redemption Issues

Riot Games has confirmed server issues when it comes to code redemption and has currently removed the 48-hour time limit on which the Duality Player Card was originally available.

Players who tried to obtain the card were met with 503 Service Errors or 504 Gateway Time-out errors, with so many players trying to redeem the code and overloading Riot servers.

The popularity of the latest cinematic was much greater than initially expected, expanding the game's lore and hyping players to epic proportions.

With so few lore cinematics available, it is easy to see why fans are so excited.

Thankfully players can continue to attempt to redeem the code until Riot Games fixes the issue and updates the player card's availability time frame.

As of right now, Riot Games has deleted most social posts relating to the DUALITY Player Card, leading many to believe the campaign will start fresh once they resolve all the server issues.

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How to Get the DUALITY Player Card in Valorant

DUALITY Player Card
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DUALITY: The latest Player Card

Players looking to unlock the DUALITY Player Card can head to redeem.playvalorant.com and enter code YTILAUD.

One players enter the code the Player Card will be sent directly to their in-game inbox.

The DUALITY Player Card shows Jett, Viper, Cypher, Yoru, and Phoenix who seem to travel to some sort of portal leading to another ‘universe or dimension.’

Hopefully Riot Games will tackle the issue involving the Player Card redemption, making it easier for players to get their hands on this exclusive item.

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