Project Slayers Beast Breathing - how to unlock, quests, skills and more

banner for Project Slayers beast breathing

banner for Project Slayers beast breathing

The first update for Project Slayers in Roblox has just come out and with it comes a bunch of new content and skills. There are a few new big ones and one of them is Project Slayers Beast Breathing. If you want to pick up these new skills, then read on, as we'll go through how to get them.

Project Slayers is a hack-and-slash anime-style game that is based on one of the most popular anime out there, Demon Slayer. Typically, the more popular the anime, the more popular the game gets.

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How to unlock Project Slayers beast breathing

In order to unlock Beast Breathing in project slayers, there are a few requirements that you're going to have to get first.

  • Be at least level 75
  • Have at least 10,000 Wen

Where is the beast breathing trainer?

To learn Beast Breathing in Project Slayers, you'll have to find the trainer. To get to the trainer, you'll need to have access to Map 2. The NPC is located inside the Map 2 secret Beast Cave. Once you've found this secret cave, you'll need to find the NPC with spiky pink hair.

All Project Slayers mist breathing quests

Before you can earn Beast Breathing, you're going to need to complete some quests. Here's a list of the different quests you need to complete.

  • Better your sword grip: Perform pushups at Wop's Training Grounds by completing a QTE minigame
  • Beast Breathing target training: Participate in a brief target training exercise by clicking on various small targets before they disappear
  • Split boulder for Beast Breathing: Use your sword to split a boulder by completing a QTE minigame
  • Pull heavy boulder: Find and pull a designated boulder from one area to another
  • Defeat Inosuke: Defeat the Inosuke boss

All Project Slayers beast breathing moves

Here are all the moves that you'll have access to when you get Beast Breathing.

  • N - Devouring Rush
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  • Ultimate move that throws your opponent into the air and inflicts them with an X slash as they fall down
  • B - Devouring Slash
    • Jump forward while spinning and slice an opponent into the air
  • V - Throwing Strike
    • Ranged attack that allows you to throw your weapon at an opponent
  • C - Bending Slash
    • Spin a circle, damaging whoever is nearby
  • X - Crazy Cutting
    • Flip forward in the direction that your camera is pointing and push your opponent back with a cyclone of slashes
  • Z - Pierce
    • Charge forward at an opponent and knock them back

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