How to get Mist Breathing in Project Slayers

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The first update for Project Slayers in Roblox has just come out and with it comes a bunch of new content and skills. There's a few new big ones and one of them is Project Slayers Mist Breathing. If you want to pick up this new skills, then read on, as we'll go through how to get it.

Project Slayers is a hack and slash anime style game that is based on one of the most popular anime out there, Demon Slayer. Typically, the more popular the anime, the most popular the game gets.

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How to get Project Slayers mist breathing

In order to get Mist Breathing in Project Slayers, there's a few requirements first that you'll have to meet before you can get it.

  • Be at least level 75
  • Have at least 10,000 Wen
  • Have at least 150 Demon Horns

Where is the Project Slayers mist breathing trainer?

In order to get to the Mist Breathing trainer, you're going to need to have access to Map 2. The trainer is located in Map 2, in the conveniently named location Mist Trainer Location. Once you're here, you'll see an NPC with white hair and a beard. Talk with him to begin your journey for Mist Breathing.

All Project Slayers mist breathing quests

In order to earn Mist Breathing, you'll have to complete a series of quests. Here's all the quests that you'll need to complete.

  • Mist Breathing cup training: Participate in a QTE minigame that requires you to press a sequence of letters on your keyboard as fast as possible
  • Mist Breathing meditation: Train your lungs by completing a meditating-based minigame that requires you to click your mouse at specific times
  • Mist Breathing aim training: Participate in a brief target training exercise by clicking on various small targets before they disappear
  • Mist breathing pushups: Perform pushups at Wop's Training Grounds by completing a QTE minigame
  • Defeat Tokito: Defeat the Tokito boss

All Project Slayers mist breathing moves

Here's all the moves that you'll have access to with Mist Breathing.

  • N - Obscuring Clouds
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  • Ultimate move that turns you completely invisible for a short period of time
  • B - Lunar Dispersing...
    • Jump into the air and hold this key to shoot a ranged mist attack at your opponent
  • V - Shifting Flow Flash
    • Spin in a circle and unleash a slightly charged slash
  • C - Distant Haze
    • Charge forward slightly to slash an opponent while emitting a bright beam of light
  • X - Eight Layered Mist
    • Unleash a series of extremely fast strikes and knock your opponent back
  • Z - Cloud and Haze
    • Charge forward at an opponent and knock them back

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