Torchlight Infinite release time and how to download

Torchlight Infinite release time and download information

Many fans are looking for the Torchlight Infinite release time, in order to get in there quick and learn as much as they can. If you want to play the game as quick as possible, this is what you need to know. Being in development for some time and with multiple betas to let players test the game, it's finally almost here.

In this, we go over the Torchlight Infinite release time, as well as giving information on how to download and play it, what you should know about future multiplayer modes, and controller support.

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Torchlight Infinite release time countdown

Despite the official timings, Torchlight Infinite is out ahead of schedule. Drop in with the Torchlight Infinite tier list and check out the Torchlight Infinite codes page to get some freebies.

Torchlight Infinite release time countdown

The game's open beta finally goes live on October 12th. This will allow anyone in to play the game as much as they like. You can pre-register for it right here.

With it now on the horizon, we know via the in-game notice on the preload splash screen that the Torchlight Infinite release time is set for 6pm BST. That's 10am UTC+8. Just refer to the timer above for an automatically converted time for your region.

Torchlight Infinite release time and download information
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How to download Torchlight Infinite

We linked the pre-register page above but you can also just look it up on whatever application store you use. If you're looking to find it on Steam, here's the link.

If you want to download it on your phone, open up your store and type in Torchlight Infinite. If you are there before its release, you will just register for it to automatically download it when it's out.

Torchlight Infinite controller support

We did not get controller support in the Torchlight Infinite beta and we haven't received news on any changes, so it seems likely there are no plans for controller support yet. This could happen in the future but the team have stayed pretty quiet on this front.

If the game proves to be popular, it seems likely that we will see controller support, alongside console ports.

Torchlight Infinite coop information

As of right now, Torchlight Infinite doesn't have coop or any multiplayer modes at all. This being said, multiplayer is being planned for a future update. If you get in there on launch, you can prep yourself and get familiar with the controls, ready to best your mates.

We aren't too sure when this update is due to arrive but we'll update you right here as soon as we know.

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