Avatar Generations codes (February 2024) - Free currency

Image of Aang and his team in Avatar Generations.

Image of Aang and his team in Avatar Generations.
February 26, 2024: We updated our list of Avatar Generations codes and added a how-to for anyone struggling to redeem them.

Looking for Avatar Generations codes? This mobile game based on the hit TV show has just entered its soft launch, meaning players should be able to get their hands on it now. As such, there's no better time than now to start looking for codes to get extra freebies for your adventure.

In this Avatar Generations guide, we'll break down all the working codes and coupons accessible in the game. That's alongside plenty of details on the game, including how to redeem codes, what they do, and where you can snag more down the line.

All working Avatar Generations codes (February 2024)

  • There still aren't any working Avatar Generations codes.

Expired codes:

  • No Avatar Generations codes have expired.
The Avatar Generations code redeem button.
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How do I use Avatar Generations codes?

  • Launch Avatar Generations.
  • From the splash screen, tap the profile button in the bottom-right.
  • Tap Redeem code.

If you're already on the main menu, here's what to do:

  • Tap the four squares icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the gear/cog icon below the EXP bar by your profile picture.
  • Tap 'Redeem code'.
  • Enter a working Avatar Generations code and tap SUBMIT.

Avatar Generations actually has a bunch of different ways to reach its codes redeem screen, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it. If you are, though, check out the rundown above. How you redeem codes will differ depending on which screen you're on.

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What are Avatar Generations codes?

Since there aren't any Avatar Generations codes yet, it's hard to deduce exactly what codes will do. Most mobile games use codes to provide free in-game resources or currency, to cut down on the grinding that often comes with the territory in gacha games.

As such, we expect Avatar Generations codes to provide free items to boost your inventory. Expect currency to purchase upgrades and weapons, and likely some premium gems to give you some gacha spins for free.

Of course, once we've got our hands on Avatar Generations and know what codes unlock, we'll update this guide.

How do I get more Avatar Generations codes?

With the launch of Avatar Generations now here, there are a few places you can check for future code drops.

You'll want to keep an eye on the game's official website, which is currently the only place on the internet that seems to officially represent the game. Details are fairly slim over there as well, but social media channels should start cropping up soon.

As such, the wait for Avatar Generations codes is currently underway. There's no doubt that codes will arrive once the game launches, but the specifics around it are still something of a mystery.

That's it for our guide to Avatar Generations codes! We've got an AFK Arena tier list and Genshin Impact tier list for character tips in two of the biggest gacha games around. That's alongside a YuGiOh Master Duel deck tier list for help picking the best cards.

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