Avatar Generations tier list (February 2023) - Best characters for launch

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February 4, 2023: We've given the Avatar Generations tier list another look.

Looking for a brand-new team-building mobile game to play on the go? Our Avatar Generations tier list could help this new release be just the ticket. From Navigator Games and Nickelodeon, Avatar Generations is the first time in a while that the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise has had its own game. And with so many characters to draw upon, it could be around for a while.


As is par for the course with any of these team-building mobile games, a tier list will always form around the best characters. And with more added frequently, some will climb, while others will fall off as new content gets harder to clear with older units. That being said, some characters are always worth their salt, and this tier list should help you invest in the best of the bunch.

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Avatar Generations character tier list (February 2023)

Tier Character
SSuki, Aang (Avatar State)
AZuko, Sokka. Jiang (Battle Captain)
BZhao (Commander), Toph (Earth Kingdom), Tyro, Katara (Bending Master)
CKatara, Zuko, Aang, Gyatso

With the game only just having launched, consider the Avatar Generations tier list a work-in-progress. Team building games take a lot of work to reliably see the strengths and weaknesses of each character come through. Some can be incredibly strong early on tapper off in later sections, whereas weak initial characters can sometimes bloom at higher levels.


There's also the issue of the character list being a little light at the moment. Many characters can be unlocked with different elements and attack styles, making differenciating them on the tier list tricky.

For now, consider any character with a high rarity stronger than their more common versions. You can't really go wrong that way. It could do happen that initially weaker versions will stand out in specific battles later down the line, though, so don't rule out a pull completely.

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The Avatar Generations character list and Toph.

When is the Avatar Generations release date?

Avatar Generations launched on January 31, 2023. Pre-registrations are still open, however, if you log in right now. Just click for the iOS or Android version to grab the game for yourself.

And that's our tier list. It's purely speculative right now, so be sure to check back once the game has been through the ringer. While you're here, if you're interested in other mobile games such as Roblox, be sure to check out our Project Slayers codes, YBA codes, and Anime Adventures codes guides.