Counterside codes and coupons - free quartz and cores (December 2022)

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Image of a character in front of a sunset in Counterside.
December 5, 2022: We checked our Counterside codes list.

Looking for the latest Counterside codes and coupons? This new mobile RPG from Zion is another entry in the ever-popular anime gacha RPG genre, and with that comes an inherent desire for codes. They make the grind a bit easier with free resources you'd otherwise have to grind for: so why not get to redeeming them?


In this Counterside guide, we'll list all the current working codes that you can redeem right now. That's on top of a walkthrough of exactly how you redeem them, followed by a look at some other places to check for new codes so you can always stay on top of the freebies, the second they drop.

Until then, why not redeem some Roblox codes? We've got Shindo Life codes and Project Slayers codes for freebies in two of the platform's most popular experiences. For other gacha game coupons, check out our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom codes. And for more on this game, our new Counterside tier list is worth a look.

New Counterside codes (December 2022)

  • CSGLBCORES4U - Free boosts
  • THXCSBGLS2 - Free boosts
  • CSBGLCORE2YOU - 10 S-APT Cores Coupon, 30 APT Cores Coupon, and 5K Eternium
  • CSGBLOLDFEAR - 1000 Quartz
  • MELODY4CSGBL - 1000 Info, 100k Credits, and 10k Eternium
  • THXCSBGLS2 - Ten Special Ship Schematics, Ten Ship Comp Coupons, and 10k Eternium

The following Counterside global codes have sadly expired. These were last tested and confirmed as not working on December 5, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • CSGBL2SILVERVALE - Free items
  • CSGBL2MELODY - Free items
  • CSGBL2VSHOJO - Free items
  • CSGBL2ENDOU - 1000 Info, 10,000 Eternium, 100,000 Credits
  • CSGBL2GURIN - 1000 Info, 10,000 Eternium, 100,000 Credits
  • CSGBL2PARFAIT - 1000 Info, 10,000 Eternium, 100,000 Credits
  • CSGBLDL100K - 500 Quartz, 10 Coupons, 10,000 Eternium
  • CSGLOBAL2022 - 1000 Quartz, 10 Blue Tickets, 1000 Credits
  • CSTRAILER - 1500 Quartz
  • OP00143
  • COUNTER004
  • ADMINFD001
  • CS0610
  • SSVIP666
Image of the Counterside code redemption screen.

How do I use Counterside codes?

See the instructions below to learn exactly how you can redeem Counterside codes and coupons:

  • Boot up Counterside, and log in.
  • Make your way through the tutorial as the rest of the game files download.
  • Tap the three line icon in the top right corner.
  • Press the cog to open game settings, then Manage Account.
  • Tap Enter Coupon, and paste in a code from our list.

The above Counterside global codes redeem method works on both iOS and Android. There's no need to use an external site for this game even if you're on an Apple device: the code redeem button should show up in-game regardless. That makes things a whole lot easier.

What are Counterside codes?

At the moment, Counterside codes are best used to grab free doses of Quartz - the currency used to pull for new units. You can also use it to upgrade your weapons and gear, giving you a serious head-start if you're just beginning your Counterside adventure.

Don't be suprised if future Counterside codes and coupons provide more Quartz, or some of the other currencies in the game. Equally, they could easily provide some exclusive skins or potentially free gacha pulls, so it's always worth redeeming any code you can get.

How do I get more Counterside codes?

As Counterside's worldwide launch sees a lot more players gravitating to the game, you can guarantee that new codes will be arriving very soon. It's the best way to entice potential players into the game, so more should be on the way soon. As such, we've compiled a few places to check for new codes, so you never miss out on a freebie.


To start, it's worth checking the Counterside Facebook page. It's full of posts regarding updates or quick bug fixes, so don't be surprised to see codes arrive there in the future. On top of that, there's a YouTube channel to subscribe to, which could easily harbour coupons down the line.

That's it for our Counterside codes list! Be sure to check back regularly, because we'll update our list as soon as new coupons arrive. Until then, feel free to redeem all of the latest Genshin Impact codes.