Counterside tier list (March 2024) - Best characters to get

Counterside characters.

Counterside characters.
March 8, 2024: Sysop enters our CounterSide tier list.

In May, a brand-new mobile anime RPG launched. And now, it's on PC, too. To get you off on the right side of release, we've braved its barren world to bring you this Counterside tier list for launch day. So if you're struggling to piece together a great time with your initial pulls, we're going to show you how.

Alongside simply ranking the best Counterside characters out there, we're going to explain the straightforward Counterside reroll process as well. There's no account resetting needed, here, so it's nice and fast to get the best team out of the gate.

We'll have more on Counterside as the days roll on. For now, though, check out what we know about the next Cookie Run: Kingdom maintenance period. That always means a new patch. For the latest, though, our Crunchy Chip Cookie toppings guide can help you build the new beast.

Counterside Tier List - Best SR, SRR, and A-SSR Units

Replacer Queen, Chifuyu, Nanahara, Ifrit, Sky Layfield, Awakened Seo Yoon, Kestrel Xiao Lin, Near Astraea, Gremory, Awakened Seo Yoon, Jake Walker, Awakened Lyudmila
Evelyn Keller, Awakened Joo Shiyoon, Yang Harim, Gaeun, Awakened Yuna Springfield, Ministra, Administration Rifleman, Awakened Horizon Lin Xien, Xiaon Lin, Sigma, Rita Asenico, Shin Jia, Olivie Park, Veronica, Yamata no Orochi, Kanade, Awakened Nequita, Replacer Rook, Sigma, Laika
Seo Yoon, Serapel, Rosaria le Friede, Kacy Bins, Eins & Zwei, Karin Wong, Terminator, Lee Yumi, Horizon, Veronica, Overflow, Nanahara, Awakened Hilde, Lyudmila, Lucrecia, Awakened Na Yubin Adamant Sniper, Hilde, Replacer King, Best Mascot Irie, Kyle Wong, Momo, Carlota, Maestra Nequita, Curian, Nanahara Chifuyu, Kaci Bins, Félicette, Sysop
Horizon, Chinatsu, Edel Meitner, Lone Lee, Dash, Kim Sobin, Tarrasque, Arius Esquede, Roy Burtett, Machine Collector, Administration Sword Fighter, Mone, Han Sorim, Orca, Esterosa de Chevalier, Spira, Janus, Awakened Yoo Mina, Frederick Doma, Jane Doe, Amy Firstwing, Kang Soyoung, Administration Shieldman, Lee Jisoo, Maria Antonov, Chloe Starseeker, Ozymandias
Joo Shiyoon, Thaddeus Morgan, Ogami Misaki, Laura Beatrix, Jessica Green, Yuna Springfield, Hayami Sanae, Suppressor, John Mason, Cho Hoijin, Liv Allen, Benedict Constantine, Sylvia Lena Coooper, Choi Ina, Eddie Fisher, Na Yubin, Strong Hold, Nayuka Minato

The above Counterside tier list includes SR, SRR, and A-SSR (short for Awakened SSR) units from across Global, SEA, and JP versions of the game.

We'll work to trim out any characters that aren't included in the Global version in the future and add them back as they release, but this is a good baseline Counterside tier list to check out if you're scoping out new pulls.

The Counterside reroll process includes many of the best characters in the Counterside tier list.
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Counterside reroll steps - how to start fresh

The Counterside reroll steps aren't like most other gacha games these days. Though you can get a bunch of free pulls from the in-game mailbox right after the tutorial, there isn't a way to reset your progress and start fresh after using them.

Instead, the Counterside reroll feature is built right into the game via something like the Selective Recruitment banner. You're forced to do this during the main menu tutorial section, but it isn't immediately obvious how it works.

Instead of resetting your Counterside account to reroll that way, you instead get the chance to perform 30 ten-pull summons for free. You can only keep one result (and can't move back to any previous result when you pull again), but it's one way to get the SSR of your choice. Unless you're incredibly unlucky, anyway.

We'll have the best picks for that particular summon in a separate guide real soon. For now, though, check out our Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds tier list if you're playing that impressive mobile RPG as well.

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