Monster Hunter Rise: How to Unlock All Camps and Sub-Camps

The maps of Monster Hunter Rise are pretty big, and when a giant enemy is on the rampage, it’s important to be able to get across the map as fast as possible. For that, you’ll want camps and sub-camps across the whole game. We’ll show you how to unlock all camps and sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise, and what side-quests you’ll have to fulfil along the way!

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How to Unlock All Camps and Sub-Camps in Monster Hunter Rise

To unlock all the camps and sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to undergo a several-step process for each specific camp. We’ll get into the specifics of each one momentarily, but the process goes as follows:

  • Find the location of the sub-camps in each level and go there during any quest or exploration.
  • Go back to Kamura, where Kagero the Merchant will give you a side-quest.
  • Complete the side-quest to unlock the sub-camp permanently.

The side-quest for each sub-camp is different, but they aren’t too difficult if you go in focused on achieving them. Below we’ll cover each camp, and where to find them. Once you have them registered, you’ll be able to fast travel to them via the method outlined here!

Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Locations

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp shrine ruins locations
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There’s only one camp at the Shrine Ruins at the North point of the map, just above Area 10. Once you’ve gone there, you’ll need to slay 8 izuchi in the Shrine Ruins to unlock it permanently. This isn’t too hard, as Izuchi roam around Southern half of the ruins fairly frequently. If you’re having trouble finding them, try doing a hunt for the Great Izuchi - it tends to spawn regular ones around it.

Frost Islands Sub-Camp Locations

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp frost islands locations
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There’s two sub-camps in the Frost Islands to find. Camp 1 is to the North-East of Area 6, while Camp 2 is on the high plateau to the West of Area 8. For them, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Sub-Camp 1: Slay 8 Zamite monsters in the Frost Islands
  • Sub-Camp 2: Hand in Warm Pelts (2) and Monster Bone S (4)

Zamite are stocky, shark-like creatures that hang around the watery areas of the Frost Islands (such as areas 7 and 10). They’re not too difficult to beat, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of quests to find enough.

The Warm Pelts and Monster Bone S are a little trickier. You can get the Warm Pelts by slaying and carving the Anteka moose-monsters around the area, usually on snowy terrain rather than water. Monster Bone S is a random drop from most bone piles, and a rare reward for beating the Great Izuchi. You can also head to the Shrine Ruins and kill low-rank Gargwa for a low chance at getting it. Once you have what you need, head to Kagero and give it all to him.

Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Locations

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp sandy plains locations
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This is another location with two sub-camps, one close by to the South of area 7, another further up on the rocks South of area 9. Camp 1 is straightforward enough in terms of quests, but the second one is a little trickier.

  • Sub-Camp 1: Slay 8 Kestodon monsters in the Sandy Plains
  • Sub-Camp 2: Hand in Lagombi Pelt (1) and Monster Bone M (2)

Kestodons are easy to find in the Sandy Plains. They’re the bipedal dinosaurs with armour-plated heads that enjoy butting things. You can find them reliably around the oasis in areas 5 and 7, and sometimes in further Northern areas while exploring.

Monster Bone M is a little harder, usually with a chance to get one every time you beat one of the game’s easier monsters. Try beating the Great Wroggi, the Aknosom, or the Great Baggi for the standard options. There’s also a chance to get it from the Slagtoth, the huge, lumbering triceratops with sagging faces that are found in the Flooded Forest and Lava Caverns. Otherwise, the Lagombi Pelt is just a normal drop for beating the Lagombi.

Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Locations

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp flooded forest locations
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The only sub-camp in the Flooded Forest is to the South-East of area 11, a decent travel point for surveying the upper part of the map. To access it, you’ll need to slay 8 Wroggi in the Flooded Forest, the poison-spitting raptors that are generally found in packs in the grassy areas of the level. If you’re having trouble locating them, battle a Great Wroggi here - it’ll summon them as minions.

Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Locations

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp lava caverns locations
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There’s two sub-camps here, found in the upper levels. Sub-camp 1 is to the North of area 10, while Sub-camp 2 is way up in the ruins on the mountainous area East of Area 3.

  • Sub-Camp 1: Slay 8 Uroktor monsters in the Sandy Plains
  • Sub-Camp 2: Hand in Tetranadon Hide (1) and Monster Bone L (2)

The Uroktor are red, slithering lizards with beaks that tend to tunnel through the hotter areas. Check underground, especially Area 14 to find them.

When it comes to the Tetranadon Hide, clearly you need to find and slay a Tetranadon for the best chance. Otherwise the Monster Bone L is easiest to find by capturing a Somnacanth, a Pukei-Pukei, or a Rathian in any area. Best of luck to you!

How to Find Sub-Camps

Sub-camps are marked by burnt-out campfires in open areas, usually slightly separated from the rest of the map by height or borders. You won’t find enemies in these areas, and when you get there you’ll receive an alert that says “Discovered a suitable location for a sub-camp.”

Monster Hunter Rise sub-camp locations
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If you’re looking for more info on how to make the most of Monster Hunter Rise, check out some of our other guides! Go find out how to beat the powerful Magnamalo Boss Fight here, or check out how to get a Massive Bone here.

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