Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Weaknesses: Here’s How to Take Down the Great Izuchi

There are many monsters to slay in Monster Hunter Rise, including the fast and dangerous Great Izuchi. It’s a fairly easy monster to take down if you know what to expect, but underestimate it at your peril. To help make sure you come out of this fight on top, we’ve put together this Great Izuchi guide. We’ll take a look at its weaknesses, attacks and the parts you can get from it.

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Monster Hunter Rise Great Izuchi Guide

The Great Izuchi is likely one of the first monsters you’ll hunt in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s a bird wyvern with a nasty tail, and a beak that can cause some serious damage if you’re not careful. There are plenty of ways to tackle this fight, so read on for tips on fighting the Great Izuchi.

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Before heading into battle, make sure you have Potions, Max Potions, and Barrell Bombs. The Great Izuchi is a fairly straightforward fight, so you won’t have to do much prep other than this. Eat some steak to boost your stamina, and pick up any buffs on your way over to the monster. You may also want to read up on how to throw bombs.

Weaknesses/Breakable Parts

The Great Izuchi doesn’t have any notable weaknesses. You’ll want to focus on the tail at first, as you can break it to reduce the damage dealt by the tail attacks. It’s head can also be broken to get certain parts. Just make sure your blade is sharp and your stamina is full before you attack.

Izuchi Enemies

The main problem with attacking the Great Izuchi at first is that it is accompanied by 2 smaller Izuchi. These are absolutely worth taking out first, either with bombs or Wirebug counter attacks. Once these smaller enemies are down, it’s time to focus on the big target.

Parts and Loot

There are four main parts to get from the Great Izuchi. Each part is obtained in a slightly different way, either from a random drop, carving, or breaking parts. We’ve listed all of the loot you can get from the Great Izuchi below, alongside how to get each one.

  • Wyvern's Tear - Random Drop
  • Great Izuchi Hide - Random Drop, Carve and Breaking Parts
  • Great Izuchi Pelt - Random Drop, Carve and Breaking Parts
  • Screamer Sac - Random Drops and Carve Drop
A hunter facing down the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise. The beast is surrounded by smaller Izuchi enemies
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Strategy For Taking Down the Great Izuchi

Given that the Great Izuchi is a fairly simple foe, taking it down shouldn't be too difficult. To make things a little easier however, we've listed some essential tips to head into battle with. Here’s the best strategy for taking down the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Take down the smaller enemies first
  • Make sure your stamina is full and you blade sharp before each encounter
  • The Great Izuchi’s main strength is that it is agile. Let it come to you and use counter-attacks to slow it down
  • Wirebug attacks can be tricky to land, so make sure to consider other options before jumping
  • There are no strong points on its body, aim for the tail and head but don’t worry if you don’t land in the right place.
  • Throwing bombs in mid-air is a great way to do massive damage at the start of each encounter
  • It’s easy to get this enemy into a mounting state. Puppet spiders and Wirebug attacks are great here, as are any other rideable creatures nearby
  • If you manage to mount the Great Izuchi, launch it into other monsters and walls, making sure to steady yourself with B after each collision.
  • Breaking the tail will make the fight significantly easier
  • As it gets low on health it will become enraged, attacking more ferociously. Use counters here
  • When exhausted, it is extremely easy to use traps on the Great Izuchi. Trap it and move in for the kill.

That’s how to slay the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise. For more tips on beating the game be sure to check out our beginner’s guide. You’ll also want to check out our guide on Sheathing Your Weapon in Monster Hunter Rise.

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