Monster Hunter Rise: Great Wroggi Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

The Great Wroggi is a tough early boss in Monster Hunter Rise, using poison and pack attacks to wear down the players over time. We’ll show you how to beat the Great Woggi, it’s weaknesses and the best strategy when fighting it.

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How to Beat the Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat the Great Wroggi in Monster Hunter Rise you need to have a clear knowledge of its tactics and abilities, as well as how to counteract them and make use of its specific weaknesses. We’ll deal with the weaknesses first.

Great Wroggi Weaknesses

The Great Wroggi is one of the earlier bosses, so in your first encounter with it you likely won’t have much equipment to really make use of its weaknesses. However, on the off-chance that you do, or just go back to fight it again later on, here’s the best weaknesses of the Great Wroggi.

  • Ice (3)
  • Water (2)

Great Wroggi Strategy and Tips

The Great Wroggi is a pack hunter who uses smaller Wroggi, similar to the Great Baggi before it. Here’s the basic strategy and some useful tips to take with you when confronting this big lizard.

  • Aside from all the aforementioned weaknesses, the Wroggi is immune to Fire and Dragon attacks, and resistant to Thunder.
  • Other, smaller Wroggi follow this boss around. We suggest thinning their numbers first before confronting their leader, or you’ll get picked at from all sides.
  • This boss uses fast steps, charges and high-speed motions to stay ahead and catch you unawares. This is an exercise in learning how to dodge and use your wirebug, so stay mobile!
  • The Great Wroggi spits clouds of poison. If you see it pull its head back as if about to sneeze, move so as not to be in front of it!
  • If you’re caught in the poison, back away to a safe distance and use an Antidote to cure yourself. Make sure the Great Wroggi is distracted or you’ll get tackled to the ground mid-drink.
  • The Great Wroggi’s various body parts take individual damage - do enough to the inflated sac around its neck, and you’ll actually prevent it from spitting poison.
  • When fleeing, it’ll sometimes leave a covering cloud of poison behind it to prevent you from following too close. Make sure you orbit around it, rather than going straight through!

Great Wroggi Rewards, Armour and Weapons

The Great Wroggi’s parts and materials go into making the vast majority of the game’s poisonous weapons, allowing you to inflict slow, long-term damage on opponents with every cut. For those who like to play cautiously, weapons like this can be very helpful. Its parts also go many of the game’s armour sets, even if it’s just one minor piece, but you can make the Wroggi armour, a cowboy-themed look that boosts poison, evasion and ammo, ideal for ranged fighting.

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