Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Torrent Sac

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Finding the Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise isn’t easy, especially when there’s no clear explanation of where it is, or even what it is. This rare material is hidden somewhere, but we’ll show you where to find it, how to use it, whether farming it is viable and more. Check below to find out how to get the Torrent Sac.

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How to Get the Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Torrent Sac in Monster Hunter Rise you need to complete one of the quests that can offer it as a reward, or slay the Tetranadon in the wild. We’ll go into where you can find the Tetranadon and how to beat it in a moment, but if you see any of the following quests, accept them for a chance to get the Torrent Sac.

Target Quests

  • Tetranadon
  • Jyuratodus
  • Royal Ludroth

Capture Quests

  • Tetranadon
  • Royal Ludroth

If you see any of these, take them immediately, especially those that centre around Tetranadon, as they have the highest chance. There’s no guarantees though, so don’t expect to get it first time - the best chance you have of getting the Torrent Sac as a reward is less than 1-in-3.


How to Find the Tetranadon

The Tetranadon is a huge, stony platypus with a round bill and mossy exterior that can be found in the Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands and Lava Caverns. As an Amphibian beast, it tends to be found in water, so check rivers and lakes to find it.

Monster Hunter Rise Torrent Sac Tetranadon guide
The Tetranadon is the best hope for a useable Torrent Sac.

How to Beat the Tetranadon

The Tetranadon is a simple, if durable foe with a basic gimmick - it eats things around it for a power boost. Not to worry, we’ve outlined some essential tricks and tips for how to bring it down. It’s also worth taking the effort to try and break its body section (the midriff), which can sometimes drop a Torrent Sac in doing so.


  • Thunder (3)
  • Fire (2)
  • Ice (1)


  • Water (Immune)
  • Dragon

Combat Tips

  • The Tetranadon focuses almost purely on physical damage, using brute force to crash into the player.
  • The Tetranadon will attempt to eat things around it, including other monsters and even just gravel. Once it’s full, it will become more sluggish and easier to dodge, but it will do much more damage.
  • Hitting the Tetranadon in the body between strikes will eventually cause it to throw up the food it ate (yuck). It’ll go back to normal and will have to start eating again.
  • The Tetranadon is weak to paralysis effects, on top of its physical weaknesses. If you have any way of paralysing it, focus on that.

Once the Tetranadon is beaten, carve its carcass to see if it drops a Torrent Sac. If not… well, you’re going to have to try again, and see if the odds are a little more on your side.

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