Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get the Divine Rhino

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The Divine Rhino is a valuable late-game Account item in Monster Hunter Rise used to earn you lots of Kamura Points, as well as fulfil certain quests and missions. It’s not easily found though, but don’t worry - we’ll show you how to find the Divine Rhino as easily as possible.

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How to Get the Divine Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise

You can get Divine Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise by heading to the Flooded Forest (High Rank) and looking for Shining Rhino Nodes. Once you find one, interact with it - there’s a chance you’ll get the Divine Rhino for doing so, though it’s more likely you’ll get the lesser king Rhino. If you have the Geologist Skill at level 2, it’ll allow you to use the node an extra time, increasing your chances.

Divine and Shining Rhino Node Locations

Shining Rhino nodes are marked by yellow beetles, and are only found in the Flooded Forest. There’s five nodes that we know of, found here:

  • In the pyramid in Sector 3.
  • To the East of the Pyramid itself, on the edge of the map.
  • South-East from the Camp in Sector 11.
  • In the Felyne Camp North across the river from Sector 11 (You’ll need at least three Wirebugs to get this one).
  • In a column South of Sector 12, on the raised point.
Monster Hunter Rise Divine Rhino locations
You can find Divine Rhinos at any of these locations.

Divine Rhino Uses

The Divine Rhino isn’t a crafting item, but it has two uses regardless - finding one will earn you 270 Kamura Points, and by taking the Quest “The Radiant Rhino,” handing two of them in to Senior Hunter Hanenaga will get you the Design for the Ladybug Cannon 1.


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