Monster Hunter Rise Bismuth Prism: How To Find and Use It

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Certain items in Monster Hunter Rise can't be obtained through slaying and carving monsters. You'll have to go on an adventure looking for objects which can be harvested. Bismuth Prisms are an example of this, so keep reading to find out where to get them and what they can be used for.

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How To Find Bismuth Prism

If you're looking for Bismuth Prisms you'll want to head to the Lava Caverns map, here you need to keep an eye out for Iridescent Ore nodes. Mining these nodes has the potential to drop a Bismuth Prism though it's not always guaranteed, so you'll want to put some time aside to do this. The node can be found pretty much everywhere on the map, dotted around. This activity shouldn't require too much action or fighting so if you're looking to chill out for a bit and do some mining, be sure to get started.

How To Use Bismuth Prism

Further into your playthrough of Monster Hunter Rise you'll come across the Economic Stimulation quest, this mission is pretty essential to complete, doing so will unlock another Argosy Submarine. Unlocking an additional submarine will mean you can get items fast, and a larger amount of them, all you had to do is complete the quest.

You can find loads more items and materials in Monster Hunter Rise, use our guides to make life easier, here.

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