Monster Hunter Rise Rathalos: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Slaying It

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The Rathalos is not a creature to be underestimated, with the ability to deal massive damage through fire attacks, you'll want to make sure you're ready. We've got plenty of guides on the monsters of Monster Hunter Rise, so let's dive into this one and get you prepared to face Rathalos.

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Monster Hunter Rise Weaknesses

Rathalos' number one weakness is the dragon element, thunder then comes in a close second. If you were planning on heading into this fight with fire, as the saying goes, you'll be fighting fire with fire. If anything you'll be the one that gets burnt using the fire element against Rathalos. Aside from the head which when attacked takes heavy damage, you'll want to focus on the wings, aside from those the best spots to attack are the tail and neck.


When it comes to Ailments, Thunderblight has a 2-star rating, most others have 1-star apart from Poison and Blast with a 0-star rating.



Players can get plenty of materials from Rathalos which can be used to create some powerful items, check them out below:

  Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Rathalos Shell3130682430
Rathalos Webbing23272520--
Rathalos Scale16--663850
Rathalos Tail719--70--
Rathalos Marrow77307--
Rathalos Plate23431
Flame Sac14----12--
Wyvern Tear--------50
Rath Wingtalon--------20


  • The best way to bring down Rathalos is using Flash Bombs, once he's lowered take the opportunity and attack.
  • Fire resistant armour and decorations will aid you in this fight, limiting the amount of damage this beast can deal to you.
  • Using Insect Glaives is a great way to get up into the air with Rathalos, giving the player the ability to fight him on the ground or aerial.

Weapons and Armour to Use Against the Rathalos

Given that the Rathalos is weak to dragon and deals poison and fire, any of the following weapons and armour are a good way to go:

  • Weapons - Cawscythe II, Thunder
  • Armour - Spio, Skull

Hopefully with our advice fighting Rathalos will be a little easier, though don't give up if you don't beat it first time! Monster Hunter Rise is full of a lot of trail and error, meaning it may take you longer than expected, here you can figure out how long it might take you.