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Monster Hunter Rise: Magnamalo Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

Monster Hunter Rise has numerous bosses to conquer, but one of the most deadly is Magnamalo, a huge predatory monster that serves as one of the game’s hardest boss fights. It’s not easily beaten, but don’t worry, we’ve laid out Magnamalo’s weaknesses, it’s strengths, and the best strategy on how to beat it.

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How to Beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to approach it tactically and avoid its most powerful attacks! The Magnamalo has few weaknesses and backs up its powerful melee attacks with clouds of poisonous fog, but we’ve laid out everything you need to know to beat it below.


Magnamalo Weaknesses

The Magnamalo has two weaknesses: Water and Thunder damage, though it’s slightly weaker to the first one. Make sure you have weapons and abilities equipped to make use of this, as it can do a lot to give you the advantage and make this boss fight easier.

Magnamalo Tips and Strategy

Once you start fighting Magnamalo, things are going to get very bad, very fast. We’ve laid out the best info, tips and tricks on how to beat this beast and come out the other side with all your limbs.

  • It hardly needs repeating, but use Water and Thunder damage! These weaknesses can do a lot to take the edge off, and even if your best weapons don’t have them equipped, it might be worth dropping to your second-tier gear if they’ve got the right element.
  • On the other hand, it’s immune to Fire and Dragon, while resistant to Ice damage.
  • Ailments don’t tend to do much against Magnamalo.
  • Magnamalo uses a rare Hellfire ability that affects itself and the player. It’s a little complicated, but we’ll explain it as simply as possible.
Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo boss fight weaknesses strategy
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Magnamalo is a ferocious predator who uses magic hellfire, even though he clearly doesn't need it.

Magnamalo Hellfire Explained

  • Magnamalo’s Hellfire builds mainly in its mouth, a visible glowing flame, and contributes to further damage as it gets more intense. Attacking the mouth with Stun abilities will dim the flames back down for a time.
  • When hit by Hellfire, you contract “Hellfireblight.” You can prevent it with the Deodorant item, wiredashing, or just rolling quickly several times. The last of these actually leaves behind a small flame. Lure the Magnamalo into hitting it, as it will cause knockback that leaves the beast vulnerable. This will only work a few times, however.
  • Limbs of the Magnamalo will catch Hellfire at times. Attacking them will put it out, similar to the mouth.
  • When Magnamalo’s flames turn pink/purple, it’s supercharged the Hellfire inside it and is about to do a powerful move. Either hit it to die the flames back down, or get ready to avoid a massive area attack by Wirebugging above it or away.
  • With all that in mind, the best strategy overall is to keep extinguishing the flames on Magnamalo! It stuns him, reduces his attack power and prevents you from being set alight.

Magnamalo Rewards and Materials

By carving it up, Magnamalo drops a lot of materials specific to it, that can be used mainly to craft Sinister armour and weapons. You can also cut off its tail mid-fight to harvest that as well. The Sinister set overall is a fire-resistant armour that looks… well, sinister, and adds hellfire to your weapons as a bonus.

Low Rank Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Blade 21--8016--
Wyvern Tear--------50

If you still need to build some other armour and weapon sets to combat this threat though, we got you covered! Find out how to get Gajau Whiskers here, or head to our guide on where you can get the Bismuth Prism.