Monster Hunter Rise Best Weapons For Beginners

January 19, 2023: Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox and Playstation tomorrow, so now is the perfect time to freshen up on what some of the best weapons to start the game with will be!

Knowing which weapon to use in Monster Hunter Rise can be a difficult decision, especially with so many options to choose from. Luckily we've had some time to test them out and may be able to help you make your choice. Keep reading to find out about each best beginner weapon in MH Rise.

Each weapon has a unique playstyle, and so you definitely want to pick a weapon that compliments your preference on how you want to play the game. While this game is a bit easier than previous Monster Hunter games, the game still rewards mastery of weapons, so picking the right one at the start is important.

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Monster Hunter Rise Best Beginner Weapons

Starting out you'll have a Long Sword in hand, it's a great weapon but you may want the choice of which playstyle to use. Combat depends heavily on what you wield best and most efficiently, so we've put together a summary of all 14 weapons and what they are to help you decide:

  • Great Sword
    • An extremely large sword that can deal massive blows at the disadvantage of slower speeds, great blocking abilities.
  • Long Sword
    • Similar to the great sword though more defensive and a further reach than many weapons.
  • Sword & Shield
    • The good ol' combo, a mixture of offensive and defensive, a loadout that requires balance.
  • Dual Blades
    • A faster option for players, similar to daggers, but a lot bigger as well as the addition of Demon Mode.
  • Lance
    • Very slow in comparison to many weapons on the list though has a longer reach than some and is great for keeping enemies at bay.
  • Gunlance
    • Basically the Lance, but shorter and with the capability to use more volatile attacks.
  • Hammer
    • Another slow choice, though can deal heavy damage which stacks over time.
  • Hunting Horn
    • A horn that can be used to activate buffs through a musical mechanic that will then aid in fights.
  • Switch Axe
    • The Switch Axe is sort of a two in one, swapping between a large sword and an equally huge axe, can build elemental energy overtime for explosive attacks.
  • Charge Blade
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  • A mixture of the Switch Axe and the Sword and Shield, supplying protection through the shield and offence abilities with the Axe and Sword.
  • Insect Glaive
    • An odd but powerful weapon that can summon an insect pal to help you along with your fight.
  • Light Bowgun
    • A faster bow that can impact enemies with debuffs depending on ammo type.
  • Heavy Bowgun
    • A slower-firing bow which can do heavy damage and cause similar status effects to the Light Bowgun.
  • Bow
    • A healthy medium between the Light and Heavy Bowgun with a variety of different coatings.

A Hunter darts in from the right, swinging on a wirebug that leads out of shot. Hunter is wearing standard Kamura outfit in blue.
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Which Weapon Should You Choose When Starting Out?

If you're starting Monster Hunter Rise having not played a game in the series yet, you'll want to be careful when choosing your starter weapon. You have a lot to learn, so we recommend choosing a weapon that allows you to get the basics down first. The Dual Blades are great for this as they have increased speed of movement, and have a relatively easy special gauge to understand. The Greatsword is also a good beginner weapon here, as it is one of the more simple and will be like weapons you've used in other games. If you want to use a ranged weapon, start with the bow. You can easily learn about different ammo types and will have plenty of free movement.

Make sure to look at the Wirebug skills for every weapon you choose. They often give you increased mobility, and some act as counters that absorb damage. Generally, any Wirebug attacks that you can use to retreat are great for beginners.

Now that you know all of your options which will you pick? For more tips when starting out in Monster Hunter Rise, find our beginner guide here or maybe you'll find something useful in our walkthrough piece.

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