Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer Co-Op: How to Play With Others Locally and Online

January 19, 2023: Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox and Playstation tomorrow!

Monster Hunter Rise is best played with others. Joining other hunters on hunts is where the game really shines, and synching attacks with your pals in tow can be a really awesome experience.

There are many ways to set up multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise, depending on how you want to play. In this Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer guide we’ll teach you how to play with others locally and online. We’ll take a look at the maximum squad size, setting up lobbies and whether you need a Switch Online subscription. Let’s squad up!

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Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer Co-Op: How to Play With Other Hunters

Monster Hunter Rise allows you to squad up with other players, either locally or online. There are a few different ways of doing so. They are as follow:

  • Lobbies - you can set up Lobbies for people to join.
  • Quest Board - there is a Quest Board for matchmaking in the Gathering Hub
  • Hunter Connect - Set specific conditions for the types of players you can join

How to Play Online Multiplayer in MH Rise

To play online multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise, head to the Courier in Kamura Village. They can be found just left of the Smithy. Select ‘Play online’. From here you can set up a lobby, find a lobby, or search for a specific ID. You can set specific Lobby settings, and once you’re in you can get hunting.

Players hunt and attack a Goss Harag
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How to Play Locally 

To play Locally, head to the Courier and select ‘Play Locally’. From here you can set up lobbies or join one that your friends have created. You can use the passcode option to set a passcode, meaning only those you know can join/ It’s also possible to check your Friends List here, so you can invite or join Lobbies with them.

Join Requests

If you’d like to join another player’s session, consider heading to the Quest Board in the Gathering Hub. You can browse Join Requests and help out any players who have sent a request out. Similarly, you can send Join requests while on a quest. Just press ‘+’ and scroll to the Multiplayer Menu. You’ll see an option to send a Join Request. This is a great way to get help from others.

You can search for requests in this hub relating to specific missions if you wish. Just head through the Hub Quest gate when you’re ready. Note that while playing Multiplayer you can only take on Hub quests, not Village Quests.

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Hunter Connect

Hunter Connect is a new feature which can be accessed via the start menu while in the Village. You can set specific requirements so that you only get matched with certain players. If you select the auto invite option you will automatically invite friends and other players that you have liked. When setting up a lobby you can make them Hunter Connect specific, allowing you to match with certain players meeting your requirements.

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Do You Need a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription to Play Multiplayer?

You will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise. For local play you don’t need a subscription. This means you can play locally with your friends without signing up.

Maximum Lobby Size

The maximum squad and lobby size in MH Rise is 4 players. You cannot add more, so choose your friends wisely!

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Multiplayer Difficulty Scaling

A cool thing about the multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise is that its difficulty is dynamic. It scales with the amount of players that are on a quest. If someone drops out, the difficulty will decrease. If they jump back in, it will go up again. Four player fights can be tricky so make sure you bring plenty of Barrel Bombs.

Is There Couch Co-Op?

There is no option to play Monster Hunter Rise in Splitscreen co-op currently. This is unlikely to be added in as a feature, given how intensive the game is on Nintendo Switch. The game is designed to be played with others, but primarily with each player having their own system.

That’s everything you need to know about multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game visit our guide on finding Warm Pelts. Once you’re done with that head over to our guide on mastering the Long Sword.

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