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Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Get Warm Pelts

Monster Hunter Rise tasks players with hunting a variety of dangerous beasties. Things can get pretty tough, so making sure weapons and armour are upgraded and fresh is key. You’ll need to gather all kinds of resources to bolster your loadout, including Warm Pelts. These are fairly easy items to get once you know where to look, so here’s where to find Warm Pelt in MH Rise.

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Monster Hunter Rise Warm Pelts Location

The easiest way we’ve found to get Warm Pelts is to go on an Expedition Tour to the Frost Islands. You’re looking for stag-like monsters called Anteka. You can see a screenshot of this small monster below. Just kill these and carve them. They can be found in multiple areas of the Frost Islands Map, including the area immediately after exiting the main camp.

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What Are Warm Pelts Used For?

Warm Pelts are used to craft certain armour sets. You’ll likely run into them when crafting the Arzuros armour pieces. They are also used in some recipes for items. Make sure you have a good supply of them before crafting the armours you want. You can also send a Buddy out using the Argosy submarine found in the buddy hub, or earn them from Meowcenary quests. Read more about Palico Scrolls here.

That’s all you need to know about Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise. For tips on using Barrel Bombs, head here. For a look at how Palico Scrolls work, visit our guide.