Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Get Raw Meat

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Raw Meat is a valuable resource in Monster Hunter Rise because it allows you to craft stamina boosting meats using the cooking system. You always want to have some on you so that you can replenish stamina towards the end of a difficult fight. Problem is, Raw Meat can only be carved from certain monsters, and until you kill them you won’t know which ones are worth your time. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on Monster Hunter Rise Raw Meat Locations. Here’s where to look.

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Monster Hunter Rise Raw Meat Locations

To find Raw Meat in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to kill and carve certain monsters. They are small monsters that are generally non-aggressive. We’ve listed some of them below, alongside some info on where to find them.

  • Popo - Frost Islands
  • Anteka  - Frost Islands
  • Slagtooth  - Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns
  • Rhenoplos - Sandy Plains 

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Crafting with Raw Meat in the Motley Mix menu of Monster Hunter Rise

Best Way to Farm Raw Meat

The best way we’ve found to farm Raw Meat is to head out on the 2 star Village quest ‘Grizzly Glutton’. You’ll be hunting an Arzuros, but the key here is that there are plentiful Bombadgy, which have a 71 percent carve drop rate for Raw Meat. They are found in the starting area of the Shrine. This is at points 1 and 7 on the map. Alternate between these to collect Raw Meat and then go and finish the Arzuros. It’s a relatively easy and quick fight.


That’s the best way to get Raw Meat in Monster Hunter Rise. For tips on cooking it visit our BBQ Spit guide. To study up on your basics, head to our MH Rise Beginner’s guide.