Monster Hunter Rise: How to Capture Monsters

You don’t always have to kill your target in Monster Hunter Rise. You can also capture monsters, getting you parts that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get through killing. Capturing can be a little tricky to grasp at first, which is why we’ve put together this MH Rise Capturing guide. We’ll lead you through how the capture system works, and what you’ll need to take with you on capture quests.

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Capture Monsters

To capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise you will need two main items: tranq bombs and a trap. Pitfall traps and Shock traps are both great options here, so buy some, craft some or check item boxes on capture quests to get access to them. Once you have them, start attacking your target.

You can only capture monsters once they are wounded. You will know this as your Palico will call out that the target is ready for capture. Some monsters will look visibly weakened, either limping or resting. The monster icon will turn blue in these cases. Now, do the following:

  • Set a trap
  • Lure the monster into it
  • Once the trap triggers, throw Tranq Bombs until the monster is asleep. This usually takes around three bombs for large monsters.

The end of quest timer will start now that you’ve captured your target. Head here for more info on ending a quest. Check out the screenshot below to see the blue icon that you are looking out for.

Can You Capture Small Monsters?

During our time with the game (roughly 20 hours) we haven’t come across a way to capture small monsters. In World, you’d use a capture net, but in Rise this item hasn’t unlocked yet. You can put creatures to sleep using tranq bombs, which will allow you to get unique parts if you.

Capturing an Azuros in Monster Hunter Rise
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Capturing vs Killing

There are many benefits to capturing your target over killing them. Firstly, there are some resources that can only be received from captured monsters. Secondly, it can be a good way to earn a bonus and increase your score. The fight will also end earlier than finishing a monster off, so if you’re struggling with a fight it can often be better to capture a monster. 

If you're looking for more help with Monster Hunter Rise you'll want to visit our MH Rise Walkthrough. You'll find all of our guides on the game in one handy place.

Crafting Traps

To craft Traps in Monster Hunter Rise you will need Trap Tools. These can be purchased from Merchants back at the village. The Shock Trap needs Thunderbugs, and Pitfall Traps need Nets. Nets are crafted from Ivy and Spider Webs. Craft these in the crafting menu. For info on how to get Tranq Bombs, head here.

That’s all you need to know about capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on using Barrel Bombs. If you need more help, check out our page on farming Malachite Ore.

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