Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Somnacanth Sedative

To get the Somnacanth Sedative in Monster Hunter Rise, players are going to have to jump through a few hoops. The Sedative is a valuable crafting material used for certain weapons and armour, but can only be obtained a certain way. That’s why we’ll show you how to get the Somnacanth Sedative and how to best to use it here.

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How to Get Somnacanth Sedative in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Somnacanth Sedative in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s pretty simple - you need to kill the Somnacanth monster and carve it. There’s no other way to obtain this material, so if you need to farm it in big quantities, you’ll need to go on a Somnacanth killing spree.

To find the Somnacanth, you can hunt them in the following areas:

  • Frost Islands
  • Flooded Forest
  • Lava Caverns

It’s a leviathan that tends to hang around water, so check rivers, lakes and more, as well as making sure there aren't any quests that mention it. Of course, now that you’ve found it, you’ve still got to slay the thing.

How to Beat the Somnacanth

The Somnacanth is a five star threat level who prioritises sleep and stun effects, trying to disable the player before subjecting them to powerful blast attacks. Here’s some useful data when confronting it:


  • Thunder (3)
  • Fire (2)


  • Water (Immune)
  • Ice (Immune)
  • Dragon (Immune)

Combat Tips

  • The Somnacanth moves very well in water, but it’s slow and lumbering on land. Lure it out onto the beach for an easier fight.
  • Break its head to prevent it from creating sleep clouds so often.
  • If a sleep cloud is coming at you, use a wirebug to escape. In fact, clever wirebug use can essentially render you immune to its sleep abilities, as you can go straight over them. This will prevent its most powerful ability from ever getting to you, and make the fight much easier.

Once you’ve beaten the Somnacanth, carve it up. It’s by no means guaranteed you’ll get the sedative, but there’s a decent chance each time. If not, you’ll have to go and slay another one.

Somnacanth Sedative Uses and Recipes

The Somnacanth Sedative can’t be used to craft any weapons, but you can upgrade some existing ones with it, often bows and ranged weapons. You can also use it to craft the following gear:

Armour/Buddy Equipment

  • Cat-aclysm Knell
  • Medium’s Obi S
  • Somnacanth Greaves S
  • Somnacanth Helm S
  • Somnacanth Mail S

Don’t worry, there’s rare materials that are far easier to get than that one. Find out how to get hold of and use Speartuna here, or check out how to get Rock Roses at our guide here!

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