How to Make Money In Monster Hunter Rise - Best Ores and Items

Exploring Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise.

Exploring Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise.
January 19, 2023: Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox and Playstation tomorrow, so now is the perfect time to freshen up on some money farming strategies.

If you're playing Monster Hunter: Rise and even the Sunbreak expansion, you'll no doubt be in need of Zenny. Knowing how to make money in Monster Hunter: Rise is a rather exact science. If you're out of Gold and Silver Eggs, here's how else you can conjure up some Zenny.

Down below, we'll list out a bunch of old and new ways you can make the money you'll need to make all of the new weapon and armour sets in the expansion. They get incredibly expensive as you go through the ranks, so you'll want pay attention before you start leaving easy money on the ground.

For more on Monster Hunter: Rise, check out how to start the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion if you haven't figured it out already. Likewise, the Monster Hunter Rise 3.8 patch notes from the PC release are a good read if you want to peer into the past. We even have a full Monster Hunter Rise walkthrough if you need it.

How to Make Money in Monster Hunter Rise

  1. Consume Bunny Dango that boosts resource pickups
  2. Accept a High Rank Expedition to the Lava Caverns
  3. There will need to be a Mining Upsurge associated, check the screenshot below
  4. Apply the Geologist skill to your gear (the leather set has this)
  5. Farm Ore in the Lava Caverns before the 10-minute upsurge ends
  6. Complete Quest, sell your rewards and repeat.

The best way to make money in Monster Hunter Rise is by farming ore outcrops with certain bonuses active. Just follow the steps above to get it done, and refer to the routes below for an optimal trip.

The Monster Hunter Rise quest screen.
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Use the Mining Upsurge

Before heading out on a High Rank Expedition, check the locale info to see what the Upsurge is.

You need it to say ‘Mining Outcrops’. This will mean better rewards from every ore node you hit. If it isn’t listed yet, complete quests to cycle it. A great way to do this is to go on simple missions like the first one that sees you collecting lanterns.

Follow the Mining Route

To maximise your efforts you will want to make sure you are aware of where the ore outcrops are in the Lava Caverns. We’ve labelled them on the maps below. Try to hit them all twice before the 10 minute Upsurge ends.

A map of the lava caverns showing rock outcrops. These have been highlighted in red
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Using the Monster Hunter Rise map to search for mining outcrops.
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Sell Your Materials

Once you’ve done a few runs, head to a merchant and sell your ore. Novacrystals are the pricey ones here, but Dragonite and Carbalite Ore also fetch a decent price.

Check the Cohoot Nest

There's a large tree to the left of the Meowcenaries area. You can run up the back and will find a Cohoot Nest up there. Check in regularly to find rare items like Silver Eggs. Some of these go for 10,000z apiece, so are great ways to farm cash.

A shot of The Argosy, a ship that's moored in Monster Hunter Rise's Buddy area. Rondine stands in the foreground
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Use the Argosy

The Argosy can be found near the Buddy hub. Rondine will have a new selection of rare items that can be purchased with Research Points each day. These can then be sold for Zenny.

Make sure to send your Meowcenaries out to gather supplies too, applying special bonuses to increase rare item yield. This is a great way to make money while doing quests, as your buddies will slowly fill the inventories aboard the ship. Make a stop to visit Rondine every few quests to sell items for small but regular rewards.

That’s all you need to know about earning Zenny fast. For more help with Monster Hunter Rise check out our guide on Bunny Dango. Elsewhere there’s our full Monster Hunter: Rise review as well.

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