Monster Hunter Rise Bunny Dango Guide

Monster Hunter Rise introduces a new system called Bunny Dango into the mix. They’re essentially meal items that can be ordered and eaten before a quest, boosting certain attributes. They can really give you the edge in battle, as they offer everything from elemental damage resistance to increasing the effect of healing items. Here’s everything you need to know about Bunny Dango.

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MH Rise Bunny Dango

Bunny Dango is unlocked at the start of Monster Hunter Rise, allowing you to visit the Canteen in the Gathering Hub or the tea area near the Village Quest vendor. You can select ‘Eat a Meal’ to order Bunny Dango. You’ll need to choose three of the options available to order one, with each granting a temporary stat boost. You can even set combinations and save them. Select ‘Order the Usual’ to select one of these saved Bunny Dango. Each Bunny Dango has a certain percentage probability of successfully granting a boost.

Using Dango Tickets to Boost Chances

When ordering Bunny Dango you can press X to apply a Dango Ticket (more on those here). This will increase the probability of the effects being granted. You’ll know if you’ve been successful at the end of the cutscene that plays.

How to Unlock More Bunny Dango

Bunny Dango types seem to be locked to progression. For instance, you get more options after defeating certain monsters like the Magnamalo. You’ll know when you’ve unlocked more because Yomogi the Chef will want to speak to you.

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Bunny Dango List

Here are all of the Bunny Dango that we’ve unlocked so far. We’ll update this list as we unlock more.

How to Unlock
Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt
Available from the start
Leg Day
Decreases Stamina Depletion while wall running
Complete "Supply Run" Village Quest
Reduces stamina consumption after eaten for a short period
Reach three star Village Quests
Large Monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance to be weaker than normal
Reach four star Hub Quests
Extends riding time
Reach three star Hub quests
Super Bestnut
Often decreases damage taken
Complete Hub Quest "Totally Not Cool, Kulu"
Sometimes decreases damage taken
Available from start
Slightly increases recovery from from items
Available from start
Restores health to allies in the area upon fainting, once.
Reach three star Village Quest level
Halves the effect duration of Defense Down and speeds up Blight recovery
Reach four star Village Quests
Piping-hot Egg
Slightly reduces fire resistance
Reach four star village quest
Lava-hot Egg
Significantly increases fire resistance
Reach four star hub quests
Pure Water
Slightly increases water resistance
Reach four star Village quests
Significantly increases water resistance
Reach four star hub quests
Spice Tingle
Slightly increase Thunder resistance
Reach four star Village quests
Significantly increase Thunder resistance
Reach four star Hub Quests
Slightly increase Ice resistance
Reach four star Village Quests
Significantly increase Ice resistance
Reach four star Hub Quests
Slightly increase Dragon resistance
Reach three star Hub Quests
Significantly increases Dragon Resistance
Reach four star Hub Quests
Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health
Complete the "Comeuppance" Village Quest
Increases the quantity of Honey obtained when gathering
Available from start
Chirp Chirp
Makes Spiribirds more likely to approach you
Reach Three Star Village Quests
Makes rare Crafty Creatures more likely to appear
Reach four star Hub Quests
Buddy's Treat
Speeds up Buddy growth
Reach three star Village Quests
Raisin d'etre
Reduces the time between gathering point spawns
Available from start
Secret Heart
Increases kunai damage, increases the potency of abnormal status attacks
Four star hub quests
Peach Skill
Helps your weapon retain sharpness when attacks are deflected
Available from start
Grants a temporary attack boost when you use the Show Off gesture for a while
Reach three-star Village quests
Temporarily increases attack and defense after consumption, once
Reach Four Star Village Quests
Increases damage of Sticky Ammo and gunlance shells
Reach Four Star Hub Quests
Increases ammo damage, but also increases deviation
Reach four star Hub Quests
Speeds up weapon sharpening, Upgrades Large Barrell Bombs to Mega Barrell Bombs
Complete "Dango Duty" Village Quest
Reduces Stamina Depletion when evading, blocking, or doing certain actions
Complete Four Star Hub Quests

How to Improve Your Bunny Dango

Depending on where you are in the game and how levelled your character is, Bunny Dango will only have a certain potency. Here's what each level does and how to unlock it:

  • Health and Stamina +20 - available from start
  • +30 - Reach three star Village Quests or two star Hub quests
  • +40 - Reach Four star Village Quests or three star Hub Quests
  • +50 - Reach five star Village quests and complete at least one Hub quest

That’s all you need to know about Bunny Dango in MH Rise. For more tips on meals, head to our Motley Mix Guide. Elsewhere there’s our look at how weapon Sharpness works.

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