Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Dango Tickets Fast

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Monster Hunter Rise introduces a brand new food system called Bunny Dango. Dango Tickets can be used here, but it’s not made clear how you get them or what they’re used for. In this MH Rise Dango guide we’ll explain how to get Dango Tickets and what you can use them for. Let’s get started.

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How to Get Dango Tickets

To get Dango Tickets you will need to head to the Bunny Dango shop in the village. It’s next to the Buddy Board. Sit down and choose the ‘Motley Mix’ option. Yomogi the Chef will give you a ticket next time you speak to her. You can turn in multiple ingredients at the Motley Mix area to get multiple tickets.

Ordering a Motley Mix in Monster Hunter Rise
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What Are Dango Tickets Used For?

Dango Tickets are used when making Bunny Dango. Adding a Dango Ticket will guarantee the bonuses associated with the options. Press X when making a Bunny Dango to add this bonus. For more on Bunny Dango visit our guide on Eating Meals. Generally, you'll want to make sure you're applying a ticket on every hunt. They're easy to get, and the bonuses are worth the extra time pre-hunt.

Ticket Farming

A great way to make sure you always have a good stock of tickets is to turn in items that your Buddies are collecting using the Argosy. Any fish items are great here, as they can be turned into Gourmet Fish, usually giving you a ticket in the process.

That’s what Dango Tickets are used for in Monster Hunter Rise. We’ve got plenty more MH Rise guides where that came from. Head to our hub for a look at what we’ve covered so far. Elsewhere there's our guide on how Affinity works.

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