Monster Hunter Rise: Here’s How Motley Mix Works

Motley Mix is a new feature in Monster Hunter Rise that lets you turn resources into Rations and other useful items. It can be a little confusing at first, especially as it’s somewhat tied to the Bunny Dango system. To help get you up to speed we’ve put together this MH Rise Motley Mix guide. We’ll explain what the Motley Mix is, and how to use it.

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MH Rise Motley Mix Explained

To use the Motley Mix in Monster Hunter Rise, head to the canteen at either the Gathering Hub or the table next to the Bunny Dango vendor in the Village. You can select ‘Motley Mix’ and from here you can turn resources into Rations and other items. The best use for this is turning Raw Meat into Well-Done Steak, and mushrooms into Herbal Medicine.

The Motley Mix menu in Monster Hunter Rise, detailing how the system works
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Using the Motley Mix will grant you Dango Tickets (more on those here), which can be used to boost up any Bunny Dango you order. Try to use the Motley Mix before a quest, and then speak to Yomogi the Chef to get your Dango Ticket. 

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Motley Mix Item List

Here’s a selection of items you can get from using the Motley Mix in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Raw Meat - Well-Done Steak
  • Blue Mushroom - Herbal Medicine 
  • Mandragora - Herbal Medicine
  • Exciteshroom - Herbal Medicine
  • Nitroshroom - Herbal Medicine
  • Sushifish - Gourmet Fish
  • Slagtoth Hide - Ration
  • Gajau Skin - Ration
  • Monster Tail - Well-Done Steak

That’s how Motley Mix works in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game check out our explanation of weapon Sharpness. Elsewhere you can learn where to find Malachite Ore.

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