Monster Hunter Rise: How Does Weapon Sharpness Work?

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Monster Hunter Rise features a handful of formidable foes to take down. You’ll need to be well prepared in order to succeed, bringing along the right resources and making sure your weapon is sharp at all times. Sharpness is something you should always be keeping in mind as you fight, as it will affect the damage you deal as well as manage whether your hits land or are simply deflected off of the monster’s hide. To make sure you know all there is to know about weapon Sharpness we’ve put together this guide on what Sharpness means in Monster Hunter Rise. Here’s what each level of Sharpness means and how to make sure you’re hitting as hard as possible.

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MH Rise Sharpness Explained

There are several levels of Sharpness to consider when using a Blademaster weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. As sharpness level increases, damage multipliers go up, and the likelihood of cutting monster parts also increases. Here are the levels of Sharpness and what each one indicates:

  • Red - Most attacks will cause a blade to bounce off monsters
  • Orange  - Many attacks will be deflected
  • Yellow - Some attacks will land well while others will bounce off.
  • Green - Most attacks will land successfully
  • Blue - Attacks will start to land even on hard monster parts
  • White - All attacks will land successfully except on high-level monster hard parts
  • Purple - All attacks will be successful except for in very few hard part circumstances

How to Increase Sharpness Level

When crafting a weapon you will be able to see its maximum Sharpness. Some weapons like the Bone Tree have a maximum yellow Sharpness while others like the Alloy Tree can move into the Green Level. It’s all about choosing the right weapon as you level up. There are some skills that can be applied via Rampage skills that will boost Sharpness in some cases too.


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How to Sharpen Your Weapons

To Sharpen your weapons in the field you will need to use a whetstone. We recommend doing this as often as possible to boost your attacks. Just select the yellow whetstone symbol from the Radial Menu and press Y to start sharpening. Note that you will be vulnerable while you do this.

That’s how Sharpness works in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on playing Multiplayer. We’ve also got info on Sheathing your weapon.