Monster Hunter Rise Speartuna: How To Find and Use It

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Monster Hunter Rise has plenty of activities to take part in aside from slaying creatures. If you're looking to unwind a little, why not go fishing? You might grab yourself a Speartuna, but what can you do with it? We'll let you know below!

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How To Find Speartuna

You can find Speartuna in the Frost Islands and Lava Caverns, here you can find fishing spots to catch Speartuna, in Area 3 to be precise.

How To Use Speartuna

You can use Speartuna to make as well as upgrade a bunch of items in Monster Hunter Rise, find them below:



  • Frozen Speartuna I
  • Morsel Bowfish I
  • Ample Bowfish (Upgrade)
  • Freezer Speartuna (Upgrade)
  • Frozen Speartuna II (Upgrade)
  • Morsel Bowfish II (Upgrade)
  • Shieldraad (Upgrade)
  • Springnight Spawn (Upgrade)


  • Makluva Hood S
  • Makluva Sleeves S
  • Vaik Braces S
  • Vaik Mail S

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