Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Massive Bone

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The Massive Bone is a key crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise, used to forge and upgrade numerous powerful weapons and armour pieces. However, it’s not easily found without help, so we’ve made this guide to show you how to get a Massive Bone while playing Monster Hunter Rise.

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How to Get Massive Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Massive Bone in Monster Hunter Rise, there’s a few ways to go about it, but none of them are very likely. The best chance you have is to complete the Goss Harag hunting quests, though even then your chances are still very bad. With that in mind, here are some other quests that have a small chance to give you a Massive Bone. None of them are as likely as Goss Harag, but as of yet there’s no guaranteed or even likely way to get it.

Massive Bone Reward Quests

  • Abominable Snow Beast (Rank 6)
  • Beastly Chaos (Rank 3)
  • The Blizzard Blender (Rank 3)
  • Blue, Round and Cute (Rank 4)
  • The Frost Islands Arena (Rank 4)
  • Tail to Tail (Rank 3)

Massive Bone Uses and Recipes

The Massive Bone serves as a crafting material to make various powerful weapons, usually larger ones or those associated with icy climates. There’s also a few armour pieces you can make, as well as no shortage of upgrades you can use it for. Here’s the full crafting list.


  • Anteka Burst
  • Cyclo-Hammer
  • Glossblade
  • Glossglaive
  • Kelbi Slingshot
  • Mincing Blade
  • Yeti Hammer

Armour/Buddy Equipment

  • Diablos Helm
  • Goss Harag Braces
  • Goss Harag Helm
  • Skull Visage

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