Monster Hunter Rise: How to Fast Travel Around the Map

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Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry into the long-running monster slaying series. It keeps much of the systems and features that you’ll recognise if you’ve played a MH game before. There are also new twists like the Wirebug and Palamute, making traversing around the map much faster. Even so, you will want to make use of MH Rise’s Fast Travel system. Here’s how to do so.

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How to Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise

To Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to be out on a quest. Hold ‘-’ to open the map. You can now select Fast Travel points and immediately spawn elsewhere. Sub-camps are great options here, speeding up farming and allowing you to reach places much faster than when on foot.

The map in Monster Hunter Rise, highlighting Fast Travel points
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How to Fast Travel in the Village

You can also use Fast Travel to move around Kamura Village. To do so, press the right d-pad input until you find the ‘Move around the Village’ option. Press up to bring up the map and select your destination. This can also be a great way to see if there are any villagers waiting to talk to you. You’ll see a yellow speech bubble next to areas where these requests can be picked up.

How to Unlock Sub-Camps

To make Fast Travel more useful in MH Rise you will want to unlock Sub Camps around each map. First, you will need to find the locations on the map. Once you have done so you will be given a quest to unlock them by the merchant in Kamura Village. These usually involve slaying small monsters or collecting resources. Once you've completed these missions, sub camps will unlock. You can then fast travel to them.

When Can't You Fast Travel?

You can fast travel most of the time while out on a quest. The main exception is if you are in combat. This includes a few seconds after fainting. Just make sure to disengage any monsters in the area before you bring up the map.

That’s all you need to know about Fast Travel in Monster Hunter Rise. For more tips, visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough. You’ll find all of our guides in one handy place, including our look at how to Capture Monsters.

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