Monster Hunter Rise: Lagombi Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

The monster Lagombi returns to Monster Hunter Rise, a large, furry rabbit who proves to be far more predator than prey. Here we’ll show you how to beat Lagombi, including weaknesses, strengths and the best strategy to use.

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How to Beat Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise you need to learn to fight an enemy who uses brute force melee attacks. Lagombi doesn’t have much in the way of strange abilities, but its got decent stats and moves surprisingly fast for such a bulky creature.

Lagombi Weaknesses

Lagombi has a couple of weaknesses that do a lot to take it out of it, especially considering it has a big health pool that can make whittling it down to nothing a long process. If you have weapons of either of these types, take them with you.

  • Fire (3)
  • Thunder (2)

Lagombi Strategy and Tips

Lagombi’s speed and bulk make it a potent melee fighter, charging at the enemy with big claws sweeps. Here’s some basic advice on a combat strategy that’ll bring this bunny down.

  • Lagombi is immune to Dragon, Ice and Water attacks. Don’t use these if you can!
  • Its attacks inflict ice damage, and the Iceblight condition. Go in wearing Ice-resistant armour and bring some Nullberries to heal the blight, otherwise you won’t be able to use your wirebugs.
  • Lagombi’s attacks aren’t usually too damaging, but they can send the player flying back, and are usually followed by a follow-up charge. Dodge to the side the moment you get back up to avoid being trampled.
  • A wide claw swipe is usually followed by a couple of others as its momentum carries it forward. Stay behind it and get in some free attacks.
  • If it jumps in the air, dash forward under its shadow and out the other side. This’ll give you the best chance to avoid getting squashed.
  • The Lagombi can scoop up and throw snow and ice. These take large arcs in the air - dodge to the side for these as well.
  • At times Lagombi will hunker down. It’s about to propel itself forward in a long slide; wirebug straight up for the best chance to avoid it. This slide is usually (but not always) followed by two more straight afterwards, but when it’s done it’ll need a moment to recover.
  • Occasionally it’ll rear up with its hands in the air and roar. As far as we could tell this does absolutely nothing, so just use it as a chance to get in some free hits.

Lagombi Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Lagombi’s parts and materials are used to craft a variety of Ice-based melee weapons, mostly bladed ones that can be excellent early-game picks. Otherwise its materials are used for a wide range of armour sets, most notably the Lagombi set, a furry, Ice-resistant set that gives minor buffs on critical damage.

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