Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get the Fulgurbug

The Fulgurbug is one of the rarer crafting materials in Monster Hunter Rise, electric insects that can be used to craft powerful gear and armour. It’s not easily found though, so we’ve put together this guide on how to get the Fulgurbug and how best to use it in crafting.

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How to Get the Fulgurbug in Monster Hunter Rise

To get the Fulgurbug in Monster Hunt Rise, you’ll have to deal with a monster known as the Zinogre. Fulgurbugs are described as regular Thunderbugs stimulated by this monster, so confronting it is the only way to get them. There’s no guaranteed drop, but you can make Fulgurbugs appear in any of these ways:

  • Dropped by Zinogres during battle
  • Hunt and Carve Zinogres
  • Complete any quest in which Zinogres are a target

For the last of these, there’s a range of options. If you see any of the following, click on them!

Village Quests

  • Electrifying Epiphany (5 Stars)
  • A Test of Courage (6 Stars)

Hub Quests

  • Learn the Long Sword (6 Stars)
  • Showdown in the Arena (6 Stars)
  • Skies Flash, Clouds Boom (6 Stars)
  • Wavering Moon and Thunder (3 Stars)

When it comes to battling the Zinogre, it’s best fought using Ice, Water and targeting its back legs, while wearing clothes that resist Thunder damage.

Fulgurbug Uses and Recipes

The Fulgurbug is used to upgrade certain high level weapons and armour, and has a small pool of weapons it’s instrumental in forging back at Kamura. The full list of craftable weapons and gear runs as follows.


  • Arko Nulo Yellow
  • Devil Masher
  • Drill Lance
  • Usurper’s Coming

Armour/Buddy Equipment

  • Aelucanth Vertex/ Rhopessa Vertex
  • Zinogre Helm
  • Zinogre Helm S

Now that you’re full of Fulgur, go head to some of our other guides on how to get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise! Check out how to beat the legendary Thunder Serpent Narwa here, or find out what you need on how to use your Cohoot owl friend here!

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