Monster Hunter Rise: Thunder Serpent Narwa Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

The final boss of Monster Hunter Rise is the giant Thunder Serpent Narwa, a vast lightning monster that lives up to the name of Elder Dragon. It’s a tough boss fight, but we’ll show you Thunder Serpent Narwa’s weaknesses, the best strategy and how to beat it.

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How to Beat Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Thunder Serpent Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise you’ll need extreme patience, as well as careful use of the tools supplied in the environment. Play cautiously, take the time before the fight starts to prepare items and equipment, and go in knowing the best strategy. We’ll explain the details below.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Weaknesses

Narwa has two weaknesses: Dragon and Ice, the first being slightly more effective. Build up weapons and armour sets that’ll make the most of this, like those that use the pieces of Hoss Garag. She also has a Thunder Sac on her belly (you won’t miss it, it’s pretty gross), that you can attack to diminish her electric attack power.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Tips and Strategy

Fighting Narwa is different to other powerful monsters in Monster Hunter, as this is more of a structured boss fight than the game’s more wild encounters. Here’s your best strategy to beat it, as well as some useful tips besides.

  • As mentioned, Narwa is weak to Dragon and, to a lesser extent, ice. Use those wherever you can.
  • Contrarily, Narwa is resistant to Fire and Water damage, and completely immune to Thunder (makes sense). Do not use these if you can help it!
  • Narwa is slow to act but fast once she does start to attack, with long periods of motionless followed by sudden, massive strikes. If you see her open her mouth, rear back or tense up, the whole area in front of her is likely about to be lethal.
  • Narwa also uses electric attacks (which you should be dressed to resist). Usually these are either a blast from her mouth/tail or a ring that emanates out at ground level. You can dodge the first normally, but either leap onto the raised platforms or Wirebug up to escape the second.
  • Speaking of platforms, sections of rock will rise up in the battlefield with weapons on them for you to use. It won’t be long before they disappear, but wirebug up to them and use these turrets to inflict massive damage to Narwa. It’s best to aim for the head, rack up some major damage.
  • Narwa’s aforementioned Thunder Sac can also be attacked at any point, but at times when she’s recovering after an attack, a platform will raise up at Sac-level for you to get some easy hits in.
  • Later in the battle, Narwa will begin to create more elaborate attacks, including huge patterns of lightning at every height level. Dodge as many as you can without using the Wirebug, specifically so you’ll have it when you do need it to dodge.

This is a long fight, and will take at least ten minutes for most players (and probably more). However, at the end Narwa will freak out in a large cutscene where it bashes its head against several rocks and then falls into a hole, apparently forgetting it can fly. Kind of an unimpressive end for something some call a Thunder God, but a victory is a victory nonetheless.

Thunder Serpent Narwa Rewards

Narwa drops numerous body materials throughout the battle, especially if you target the tail, head and sac. These all serve towards creating the Narwa armour set, which is filled with lightning resistance, and Thunderbolt versions of every weapon.

Congratulations to all those epic hunters out there! But there’s still plenty more to find out about Monster Hunter Rise. Find out how to master beating the Magnamalo here, or how to beat the iconic Rathalos here.

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