Monster Hunter Rise: How to Use the Cohoot Owl Buddy

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One of the newest features in Monster Hunter Rise is the Cohoot, a personal owl buddy to join all the other pets that follow you around. Your Cohoot has numerous functions that you can make use of as you explore the world around Kamura, and we’ll show you how to make the most of them, as you learn how to use the Cohoot Owl Buddy here.

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How to Use the Cohoot in Monster Hunter Rise

The Cohoot can be used in any number of ways in Monster Hunter Rise, as they have multiple functions and roles as a combination scout/messenger. Their full list of purposes goes as follows:

  • Sends Join Requests to other players
  • Owns a nest that spawns items
  • Reveals the location of monsters on the map
  • Holds a camera to take selfies
  • Can be fed and played with

Some of these requests are pretty simple - for example, Join Requests are just sent through the pause menu, and monster locations are automatically scouted when you first enter a location. However, for all the more complex ones, we’ve got them laid out below.

Where to Find the Cohoot’s Nest

The Cohoot’s nest is located at the top of the tree behind the shrine in Buddy Plaza. To find it, do the following:

  • Head to the blue Shrine in the back corner.
  • Walk around the tree it’s up against.
  • There’ll be climbable vines at the back of the trunk.
  • Climb all the way to the top of the tree. The nest will be on an extended branch you can walk along.
  • Interact with the nest to get new items.

The Cohoot nest gets new items every five quests you complete. Some of them can be quite rare, but they’re usually drawn from a large, random pool of potential crafting materials and more.

Monster Hunter Rise cohoot
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The Cohoot serves as a way to take photos from a distance.

How to Use the Cohoot to Take Pictures and Selfies

When normally using the camera, your character is the one holding it, making it ideal for documenting and photographing monsters in the field. However, if you want a picture of yourself and other teammates, use the Cohoot to hold the camera. You can do that by pressing in the left Joy-Con while operating the camera, essentially having this highly-trained predatory bird act as a glorified tripod and timer.

How to Interact with Your Cohoot

You can summon your Cohoot to your arm by pressing the L button until the “call Cohoot” prompt appears. Select it to call it to your arm, and prompt numerous interaction opens for playing with your owl friend.

How to Change Your Cohoot’s Outfits and Colour

Your cohoot can be customised from the interaction menu, including changing its colours and giving it any specific clothing you might’ve found throughout your journey. Right now there are four known Cohoot outfits for you to find.

  • Kamura Gorget: Default costume from the start of the game.
  • Garb of Glad Tidings: Complete the first Rampage quest and get it from Komitsu as a reward.
  • Rugged Fullsuit: Defeat the Magnamalo in the Five-Star Village Quest Comeuppance. Then talk to Mihaba to get it.
  • The Stealth Woof: Complete the optional Flying Billboards quest.

Now that your owl friend is ready to go, get out there! Find out how you can acquire and use Friend Vouchers here, or check out where to find the Divine Rhino beetle here.

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