Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Striped Hide

Striped Hide is a rare material in Monster Hunter Rise that can be used to craft specific materials, but it’s not easily found. If you’re looking to upgrade and forge powerful new weapons and armour, check out our guide on how to get Striped Hide in Monster Hunter.

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How to Get Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise you need to slay a very specific monster - the Remobra. These are small, dragon-like creatures that look like flying snakes, sometimes called Snake Wyverns, and are often found near bigger monsters. Take them out and carve them up for a 30% chance to get a piece of Striped Hide.

Remobra Location

You can find Remobra in Monster Hunter Wild by checking around large Monsters (especially those who resemble dragons), but we’ve also seen them crop up in the following areas:

  • Shrine Ruins: Section 5
  • Frost Islands: Sections 7 and 10
  • Sandy Planes: Sections 7 and 12
  • Flooded Forest: Section 3
  • Lava Caverns: Section 3 and 9

Remobra aren’t hard to kill, just use whatever weapon you’re most comfortable with, and stay agile enough to handle a flying opponent.

Striped Hide Uses and Recipes

The Striped Hide is primarily used to create the Remobra armour set, which is focused on reducing and inflicting wind damage. It’s a good set for resisting Dragon attacks, but struggles against.. most everything else. You can also use it to upgrade numerous weapons, but the full crafting list goes as follows:


  • Graceful Death

Armour/Buddy Equipment

  • Death Stench Heel S
  • Remobra Feet
  • Remobra Feet S
  • Remobra Gloves
  • Remobra Gloves S

Once you’re done with that, use your new gear to kill a new monster! Find out how to slay Jyuratodus here, or go hunting Rathalos itself with our special guide here.

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