Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get and Use Friend Vouchers

Friend Vouchers are one of the less-explained aspects of Monster Hunter Rise, special tokens that can be obtained and used to create certain items that’ll help you when you go out monster hunting. We’ll explain how to get Friend Vouchers, how to use them, and what their best purpose is.

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How to Get Friend Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Friend Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise, you simply need to play hunts in multiplayer with other players. Every time you do, you’ll get a Friend Voucher as a reward for doing so. It’s honestly no more complex than that - simply play some co-op with friends in order to rack up the vouchers. You can farm them in big numbers by playing lots of short quests that don’t take long to fulfil, essentially massively increasing the rate at which you get rewarded.

Friend Voucher Use

You can use Friend Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise as an ingredient material for the Melding Pot, a mid-game unlockable process that allows you to create new Talismans from raw materials. At time of writing, this is the only way you can use Friend Vouchers. If you have them clogging up your inventory, head to the Melding Pot operated by Kagero the Merchant back in the town square of Kamura.

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