Valheim The Queen boss guide - How to find and beat her

The player is taking a swing at the new Queen boss.

The player is taking a swing at the new Queen boss.

The new Valheim Mistlands update has brought a new danger into its misty biome, the boss battle against a giant creature known only as the Queen. The Mistlands are the most dangerous and lethal biome currently in the game. It’s only recommended to try this area if you have mastered the other bosses and biomes, which is all the more important if you plan on finding and fighting the Queen, as you can only do so once you’ve defeated Yagluth.

You can try out the Mistlands through the official Valheim public testing branch, a relatively simple feature that means you switch between the beta Mistlands version and the main ‘released’ game with only a few clicks.

Finding the materials to start the boss fight will also be difficult, requiring a lot of exploration, dungeon crawling and even crafting within the new dangerous misty biome. It will be a true test to see whether you’re ready to take on the boss or not, depending on if you can even survive the lands surrounding her.

How to find and beat the Queen boss in Valheim

Below, we'll run your through all the steps you need to follow to beat the Queen in Valheim, starting with how to craft the items you need.

How to craft a Wisplight

Before you go exploring the Mistlands, you are going to want to craft a Wisplight. This will help disperse the mist in the new biome, making it possible to explore the land and, importantly, see the enemies before they can attack you.

  • Defeat Yagluth, pick up the reward Torn Spirit.
  • Create a Wisp Fountain, using one Torn Spirit and ten stone.
  • Place the fountain (can be placed at your base) and wait until night-time.
  • Interact with blue Wisp orb, and pick up off the floor.
  • Get one Silver bar.
  • Craft Wisplight at a Workbench.
A player is standing in a field of flowers, with a blue orb wisp beside him. 'You release the bound wisp' in text above them.
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It’s straightforward to then equip the Wisplight. Once it’s in your inventory, you can right-click to activate the Wisp and it will fly around your player while you travel around.

How to find the Queen

The process of finding the Queen’s location is similar to the other bosses, in that you’ll come across a stone tablet covered in runes that will add the Queen’s icon to your map. However, this marker will be hidden in one of the newly added infested mine dungeons. The entrance to these isn’t always obvious, but we have some tips on what they can look like.

  • A stairway leading up into a gap in the rocks, guarded by Seekers.
  • Down a staircase in the centre of an abandoned dvergr fort, notable for having no Wisplights around it.
A player is standing in front of a castle in Valheim. There is an explosion behind it.
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However, a Queen marker isn't a guaranteed spawn in the infested mines, so you may need to search a couple before you manage to find one. Once the Queen's icon has been added to the map, you'll be able to get to it pretty easily in theory.

It's guaranteed to be in a Mistlands biome, but not necessarily the same one that you found the marker in, so you may be in for quite the trek to get there.

The icon will lead you to a Citadel and there is just one problem. The door is locked. You’ll need to craft the key, called the Sealbreaker, in order to get in. Luckily, you will probably have picked some of these up while looking for the marker, because they’re only found in the infested mines. They won’t be found in mob drops, instead, they will be behind glass or on podiums that you will need to destroy in order to pick them up.

Lastly, you will need the new crafting station, the Galdr table, to craft the key now that you have all the components. This is unlocked once you’ve created refined Eitr from the Eitr refinery, the new magic system introduced in this update.

Fighting the Queen

The player is with the new boss, Queen. 'You are exposed' is ominously in the corner.
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Unlike the other bosses, the Queen does not need to be summoned. As soon as you open the door using the Sealbreaker, she will be active inside and ready to fight. She will also spawn adds in the form of more Seekers, who will quickly overwhelm you if you do not deal with them.

The Queen moves extremely fast, despite her size, and will rush you to use her powerful melee attacks. She has no weaknesses, so there are no ways to manipulate the fight to your advantage by using specific weapons. This means that you have three, very traditional ways in which you can take her out.

  • Keep your distance and use ranged attacks.
  • Learn her attack patterns and block, swing, block.
  • Use your friends as bait and attack her while her back is turned.

Due to the Citadel's architecture and layout, another strategy is to wear the Feather Cape and use this to jump from the ledges and float down to a lower level. The Queen does not have direct pathing, so she will use the long winding staircases to follow you down, giving you a moment to either attack her, or regain some health and stamina.

The Queen's drop rewards

Finally, after you’ve defeated the Queen, she will drop the usual boss trophy that you can take back to the spawn stone circle with you. By placing it down, she will imbue you with the power of “The Queen”, which grants faster mining and +100% Eitr regeneration.

Similar to the 'Yagluth things' that became 'Torn Spirits' for the Mistland updates, the boss battle will also give the player a 'Queen drop'. This currently has no use, and will be a placeholder until the next future Valheim update.

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