Valheim Crystal Shards: What are Crystal Shards For

Valheim crystal shards finally have a use thanks to the Hearth and Home update, so don't go chucking them in the Obliterator just yet. Once you get enough of this rare material, you can turn them into some snazzy items, including a brand-new weapon.

The trouble is actually getting enough of them, since the monsters they drop from are none too happy about giving crystal shards up.

Valheim Crystal Shards | Crystal Shard Locations

Crystal shards come from Stone Golems, which you'll run across in the Mountain biome - but you might not realize it at first. Stone Golem remain still and silent unless under threat. If you see a suspicious stony pile, go threaten it, ideally with a pickaxe.

Stone Golem aren't weak to anything other than pickaxe, so we recommend taking a sturdy one along with you for the fight.

Smash it to bits, and you'll find several crystal shards as a reward. Repeat as necessary.

Valheim Crystal Shards | Crystal Shard Uses

Whether you had a hoard of crystal shards already or gather them all right now, you'll need plenty for making Crystal Wall and the Crystal Axe.

Image showing Valheim Crystal Axe
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Valheim Crystal Wall

Crystal Wall is simple and requires:

  • 2 Crystal
  • A workbench

Select your hammer, then navigate to the crafting menu to find this recipe. The result is a large section of wall that looks like glass, except, y'know, it's crystal.

Valheim Crystal Axe

The Crystal Axe is rather more involved.

  • 10 Crystal
  • 40 Ancient Bark
  • 30 Silver
  • Forge level 3

Ancient Bark comes from the Swamp, but you'll need a key to get there first. Silver also lives in the Mountain biome, and we've got a guide for how to get Silver too.

The Crystal Axe is a two-handed weapon dealing slash and spirit damage, so it's worth the trouble to find.

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