Valheim Silver Locations: Best Ways to Farm Silver

Valheim’s viking-themed world can be a seriously tough place to survive. First off, there’s all kinds of creatures and beasts waiting to kill you, and that’s before you even mention the powerful bosses that roam the land. You’ll need to make use of absolutely everything you can find, including rare resources like Silver. Finding Silver from Silver Ore can be pretty tricky if you don’t know where to look. Which is why we’ve put together this Valheim Silver Farming guide to help you out.

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Where to Find Silver in Valheim

To find Silver in Valheim go to Silver Ore veins. You will need a special item to do this. To learn more head over to our Valheim Wishbone Guide. Once you have this item, head up into the mountains. You’ll need to have it equipped as you explore. When you’re close to a Silver Ore vein a green glow will show around your character. Follow these signs to reach your target and harvest some Silver.

Exploring the mountains can be dangerous if you’ve never been there before. We recommend either bringing some Frost Resistance mead with you, or crafting the Wolf Cape. There is another way to get Silver, and that’s from chests. Seeing as these are random drops, the previous method is much more profitable and more worth your time.

How to Find Silver Without Wishbone

The Wishbone mostly just leads you to Silver veins, but you can find them without it. Sometimes, heading to the Mountain biome and looking for Silver deposits sticking out of the ground can work, though you're much less likely to find them.

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Best Silver Farming Seed and Method

The best way to farm Silver in Valheim is to use a seed that spawns you in the mountains. This seed by Reddit user u/nakaface spawns you right in the Silver-rich mountains. The Seed code is q8QvHnL57S. Just head over to this world, collect what you need and head home to store your spoils.

Another good way to farm Silver is to set waypoints at any Silver Ore veins you find so that you can return later to pick more up. Marking these areas on your map can be really useful for keeping Silver stocks topped up.

What is Silver Used For?

Silver is used to craft a wide range of items in Valheim. Here's a small selection of what you can make.

  • Lox Cape
  • Wolf Fur Cape
  • Linen Cape
  • Wolf Armour Chest and Legs
  • Drake Helmet
  • Silver Shield
  • Silver Sword
  • Silver Arrow
  • Frostner

That’s all you need to know about finding and framing Silver in Valheim. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on the best mods to install

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