Valheim: Best Mods Including Creative Mode, First Person View And More

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If you're new to Valheim you may not be aware that the team made sure mods would be supported.

There are some brilliant mods available to players already and we can't wait to see more.

For now, we'll give you the rundown of some of the most useful and best mods you can get right now.

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Best Valheim Mods

True Creative Mode

If you want to build the Viking village of your dreams, this is the mod for you.

No more entering endless cheats to spawn items.

This mode gives you a real creative mode, similar to that in Minecraft.

The mod includes the below features:

  • Enable Fly Mode (Press Z)
  • Enable God Mode
  • Enable Unlimited Crafting
  • Don't have to worry about tools breaking/stability
  • No Workbench needed to build
  • Unlocks all building items for character
  • Remove anything w/o Workbench
  • Kill All Enemies (Press K)
  • Heal and Repair Tools (Press B)
  • Unlimited Weight

Get the mod here.

First Person View

If you usually play your games in the first person, you may have been a bit bummed when you first played Valheim.

Well, this mod will fix that.

See Trolls up close and personal, pet your Boars face to face!

Get the mod here.


If you constantly make the mistake of travelling too far without setting a new spawn point like me, this mod will be a godsend.

Gravekeeper makes it so that if you die you'll no longer need to travel to your gravestone to get your belonings.

Now, upon death, you'll find everything you had with you!

Get the mod here.

Unrestricted Portals

This mod is absolutely beautiful and a dream come true.

Fed up of have to leave your heavier items like ores behind when going through portals?

No problem, this mod will make it so that you can easily go back and forth with whatever items you wish.

Get the mod here.

Discard Inventory Items

No doubt you've accidentally made the same tool twice.

Unfortunately, there's no way to delete items yet other than throwing them in a random place.

Now you can, the mod allows players to get rid of old tools, armour and more that you no longer want.

Get the mod here.

Character Customisation Mod

I'm constantly making a character, getting bored of it and wishing I could change it.

If you feel the same pain, there's a solution!

This mode allows you to customise your character even after creation.

Get the mod here.

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