Valheim: How to Fly and Slingshot Your Friends

Valheim can be a pretty daunting place at times, filled with all manner of beasties and blights to get you down. That’s why it’s good to bring friends, instantly turning the world around into less of a trial, and more of a playground. You can even fly if you want, by either using cheats or having your friends slingshot you into the sky. Here’s how to fly in Valheim.

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How to Fly in Valheim

If you want to fly in Valheim you will need to cheat. This involves doing the following:

  1. Press F5
  2. Type “imacheater”
  3. Now, enter “debug mode”
  4. You can now press Z to fly around in Creative Mode.

How to Fly By Using Slingshot Method

There is another, non-cheating way to fly in Valheim. You’ll need friends in order to do this, as you’ll need them to hit you with an Abyssal Harpoon. Then, they need to drag you over a ramp that can be easily built using wood. You can get a fair bit of air by doing this, though you’ll likely die from the fall.

Those are the best ways to fly in Valheim. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on crafting Ooze Bombs. Elsewhere there’s our walkthrough on the Elder boss fight.

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