Valheim Ooze Bomb: Recipe and How to Unlock

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In Valheim you’ll need to use everything at your disposal to get ahead. This means making sure you have weapons, armour and other tools on you at all times, ready to face whatever lumbers out of the swamps. A great tool to have is the Ooze Bomb, allowing you to poison your enemies. In this Valheim Ooze Bomb guide we’ll be taking a look at getting the recipe, finding Ooze, and crafting Ooze Bombs.

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How to Unlock the Ooze Bomb Recipe

To unlock the recipe for the Ooze Bomb you will first need to get some Ooze. To do so, head to the Swamp Biome and kill Blob or Oozer enemies. These are pretty easy to find by just exploring the Swamps a bit. Once you’ve looted some Ooze, the recipe ill unlock.

How to Make Ooze Bombs

To make Ooze Bombs in Valheim you will need to use the following ingredients:

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  1. Ooze (10)
  2. Leather Scraps (5)
  3. Resin (3)

Put these components together at a workbench and you’ll get Ooze Bombs, which are great for adding extra damage to enemies via poison. If you need Resin, chop down Birch trees or kill Greydwarf enemies.

Ooze Bombs Use


Ooze Bombs are primarily used to poison enemies in Valheim. They are a thrown weapon that inflict poison status in an 8m AoE. These are great for boss fights, and for crowd control. Don’t leave home without them.

That’s all you need to know about Ooze Bombs in Valheim. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting Black Metal. Elsewhere there’s our look at what the best Iron weapons are.