Valheim: How To Upgrade the Workbench

The workbench in Valheim is a centrepoint of your world, the place where you craft vital items to forge forward and progress further. You'll also be able to upgrade the workbench, unlocking new crafting recipes and items to make. Here we'll show you how to upgrade the workbench in Valheim to level 2 and beyond!

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How To Upgrade The Workbench in Valheim

To upgrade the workbench in Valheim you'll need, of course, a basic workbench to upgrade, as this is a modification to an existing piece of equipment rather than an entirely new one. Don't worry, if you're not sure how to get a basic workbench, we've got a guide to that here.

Once you have the workbench, you can upgrade it to level 2 by doing the following.

  • Equip your hammer with the right click
  • You should now have a recipe for the chopping block
  • Craft the chopping block using the following ingredients
    • 10 Wood
    • 10 Flint
  • Place the chopping block besides the workbench.
  • This will increase it to level 2!

All Workbench Upgrades

You can upgrade the Workbench simply but placing other specific items within 2 meters of it. Here's how you unlock all (currently available) 5 levels.

  • Level 1: Base Workbench (Wood x10)
  • Level 2: Chopping Block (Wood x10, Flint x10)
  • Level 3: Tanning Rack (Wood x10, Flint x15, Leather Scraps x20, Deer Hide x5)
  • Level 4: Adze (Fine Wood x10, Bronze x3)
  • Level 5: Tool Shelf (Fine Wood x10, Iron x4, Obsidian x4)

Some recipes in the game have made reference to a crafting table level of 6, but this is currently not in the game (and will presumably be added later).

Now you're done, head out there and put your newly-earned tools to use! You can check out the first boss fight and how to beat it here, or head here to find out how you can create portals across the world!

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