Valheim Comfort Guide: How to Increase Comfort For Maximum Rested Bonus

You’ll start in Valheim with little more than the ragged clothes on your back. As you start to gain a foothold on the hostile world around you you’ll become a lot more comfortable. Comfort is even a status in the game that can be achieved, granting a Rested bonus. To help make sure you have as high a Comfort level as possible we’ve put together this Valheim Comfort guide. We’ll explain what Comfort is and how to increase it. We'll also list the items you’ll need to have in order to get the maximum Rested bonus.

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Valheim Comfort Guide

Comfort is an important effect to consider when building your home in Valheim. It will grant you a Rested bonus, which in turn will allow you to have more HP and Stamina for a short period of time. This is obviously extremely useful for boss fights. Let’s take a look at increasing your Comfort level in Valheim.

Comfort Levels 9 to 11

The first levels of Comfort are tied to making sure your shelter has a roof, bed and a fire. After that you’ll want to aim a little higher. Defeating the game’s first boss Eikthyr will unlock the Bronze Age, allowing you to reach higher levels of comfort. Here’s what you’ll need to craft:

  • Rood
  • Bed
  • Fire
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Banner
  • Deer Rug

Once you’ve gotten all of these things you will be at Comfort Level 9, granting a Rested bonus with a 16 minute duration. Add the Wolf Rug and the Lox Rug to increase this to Comfort level 11 and a duration of 18 minutes.

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How to Increase Comfort to Maximum Level

If you want to take things even further you can increase your Comfort level to 17. This will grant a full 24 minutes of Rested bonus. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Roof
  • Dragon Bed
  • Raven Throne
  • Banner
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Hearth
  • Wolf Rug
  • Lox Rug
  • Deer Rug
  • Brazier

Once you have all of these crafted, place them in your shelter. Make sure they are relatively close together, and you should get the Rested Bonus.

That’s all you need to know about Comfort in Valheim. For more help with the game visit our guide on defeating Bonemass. Once you’re done with that you can check out our article on farming Silver.

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