Valheim Mistlands Biome Release Date: When Will the Mistlands Come To Valheim?

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Valheim has been incredibly successful for a title in early development, a lot of that is due to the team's dedication to the game. If you play, you're no stranger to regular updates popping up out of the blue. Lucky for us there's alot more to come, one of the most exciting features being the Mistlands biome!

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Mistlands Biome Release Date

So far, there are a total of nine biomes within the game, for a title that only released less than two months ago at the time of writing, that's pretty impressive. Three of the nine are still in development, including the Mistlands, Ashlands, and Deep North. These areas can be reached, but you won't find much there, so far there are no enemies and very little in regards to resources.

The Mistlands is a dark and gloomy biome, with trees covered in webs, no doubt we'll likely see a new arachnid enemy in the future. Reddit user SirTooNzy recently posted a screenshot of what might await us in the Mistlands, at first glance you might be wondering if this is a sneak peek from the devs themselves. In reality, it's just an insane build, check it out below.

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There also seems to be some pretty huge skulls, maybe Trolls won't be our biggest enemy, what about giants? No matter what's to come, this biome looks to be an interesting one and we can't wait to see what's to come, the question is, when will it be releasing?

According to the 2021 roadmap, read more on that here, Mistlands will be included in the fourth major update. So, Mistlands is likely a while off yet, though the team are constantly hard at work giving us new content so, it shouldn't be too painful. All we know as of yet is that we should see this biome come to Valheim in 2021.

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