Valheim Biome Order: Progression Guide

There's plenty to explore in Valheim, at times it can almost feel like too much! With so many biomes, it can be a little confusing what each is good for and some players might not even realise they exist. This is why it's good to get an idea of the biome progression, from easiest to hardest.

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Valheim Biome Order

Knowing which biomes are a no go and which to head on to next can be a little daunting in Valheim. So we've put together a list that explains what each biome contains as well as placing them in order of process based on their difficulty. A new biome, Mistlands, is currently in the game but is in development so we won't be adding it to the list yet, but we expect it to be a bit harder than the Plains biome, when we hear more we'll update this piece.

  1. Meadows
    • The Meadows is the easiest biome and will usually be the spawn point for most seeds. It's full of plenty of Boar to tame and breed, read more on that here, as well as Neck too for food. You'll also find an abundance of materials like Wood, Stone, Flint and more. This will be the area you will want to start in if you're new to Valheim.
  2. Black Forest
    • The Black Forest is the next area players should progress into. This biome is a bit more of a challenge with plenty of enemies to go up against including Greydwarves, Skeletons, Trolls and more. There are also new exploration points like Troll Caves and Burial Chambers which are full of new items like Rubies which can be used to purchase from the Vendor. There's also plenty of Tin and Copper in the Black Forest which can be turned into Bronze for Bronze Armour.
  3. Swamp
    • Players will want to head to the Swamp after the Black Forest, there is once again a multitude of new resources which will unlock recipes. Here, there are Crypts that will be full of Scrap Iron which is essential when upgrading to stronger armour, weapons and tools. You'll also need to get to the Swamp biome to beat the third boss, Bonemass.
  4. Mountain
    • The Mountain biome is one of the biggest steps up in terms of difficulty, not only will you have to fight off Wolves and Drakes, but you'll also need to make sure you have Frost Resistant Armour. You can also find silver in this biome which will be vital when making Wolf Armour, one of the best sets in the game.
  5. Plains
    • Last on the list is the Plains biome, this will be your toughest challenge. If you haven't upgraded your weapons and armour to the best of your ability, then there's no point even considering entering this biome. It's full of Deathsquitos and a bunch of other strong enemies. Here you can also find Black Metal Scraps which will be useful for end-game content.

As mentioned above, we'll be sure to add the Mistlands to the list once it's complete, for now though, why not gear up to head into one of these biomes? It may also be worth crafting yourself a Draugr Fang Bow!

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