Valheim: Best Armour and How To Make It

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With so many different types of armour to choose from, Valheim can make deciding a little bit difficult. Do you want to stick with Troll Armour and be a sneaky archer or do you want to bulk up with Bronze Armour to tank for your team? This is when comparing each type, including the resources and effects they have, is important. So if you want to find out what the best armour in Valheim is for you, keep reading!

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Best Valheim Armour and How To Make It

Below you can find a table with each armour set ranked, starting with the worst to the best. We've also included the total amount of resources you'll need for a full set, as well as their weights and how much armour they provide, in brackets you'll see what the armour set will provide when fully upgraded. Some armour also affects the player's movement speed as well as sneaking, you can find which do so in the table.

Armour Type Total Resources For Set Weight Armour Effect
Rag Armour Set (Tier 1)x5 Leather Scraps42 (4 Max Upgraded) 
Leather Armour Set (Tier 2)x22 Deer Hide 5x Bone Fragments157 (28 Max Upgraded) 
Troll Armour Set (Tier 3)x25 Troll Hide x13 Bone Fragments1519 (40 Max Upgraded)+25% Sneak
Bronze Armour Set (Tier 4)x15 Bronze x6 Deer Hide2324 (42 Max Upgraded)-10% Speed
Iron Armour Set (Tier 5)x60 Iron x6 Deer Hide3342 (60 Max Upgraded)-10% Speed
Wolf Armour Set (Tier 6)x64 Silver 18x Wolf Pelt 2x Drake Trophy 1x Chain 4x Wolf Fang 1x Wolf Trophy3761 (82 Max Upgraded)-10% Speed Cape & Chest Frost Immunity
Padded Armour Set (Tier 7)x30 Iron x75 Linen Thread x1 Silver2779 (100 Max Upgraded)-10% Speed

Now you're all armoured up, let's go head to head with a Sea Serpent! You may want to make yourself a Draugr Fang Bow to battle this beast.