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Valheim: Is it Coming to Switch?


Valheim has really blown up this year, launching into Early Access on Steam. With this increase in players and popularity, many are wondering what the plans are for the future. Here’s whether or not Valheim is coming to Switch.

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Valheim Switch Release

Currently, Valheim is not available on Nintendo Switch. It is only available via Steam’s Early Access program, giving players a chance to jump in before the full launch. The developer has commented on other platforms though, so read on for more info.

Is Valheim Coming Out on Nintendo Switch

There are no official plans for Valheim to come to Nintendo Switch. In the FAQ section of the game’s website ( features a comment from the developers on other platforms. It reads as follows:

Valheim will be released on Windows and Linux via Steam. A Mac-version will be released if there is any significant demand for it. There are no plans to release on other platforms as of the time of writing but we won’t rule out console versions in the future.

In a recent interview with Nintendo Life, Panic Button, the developer that brought Apex Legends and Rocket League to Switch, expressed interest in working on a Valheim Switch port:

I’m not sure if this is my “any game pick” but, right now I’m playing way too much Valheim and I would love to port that to Switch.

Fingers crossed for a Valheim Switch port in the near future. In the meantime be sure to check out our best Valheim Mods page. For more, head to our Valheim hub.

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