Valheim Roadmap 2021: Features and Updates Coming Soon

Valheim is still in Early Access and new updates mean big changes to the game's content and how it plays, with several such updates planned for this year. We've got the Valheim Roadmap 2021 laid out below, along with all the details we've been given so far about what to expect and how the game might change.

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Valheim Roadmap 2021

The Valheim 2021 Roadmap has been laid out in basic detail be the developers, with four updates planned, according to information released on Steam. These updates have each been named, giving some indication about what to expect, though exact details have not been released and there are currently no indications on what date they'll be planned for (though we'll update this page accordingly).

Upcoming Valheim Updates

Here's what's planned for the next four updates:

  • Update 1 – Hearth and Home
  • Update 2 – Cult of the Wolf
  • Update 3 – Ships and the Sea
  • Update 4 – New "Mistlands" Biome 

If Odin Wills It

After the updates, a section named "If Odins Wills It" follows.

This category involves content the devs would like to bring to Valheim with no timeframe.

  • Multiplayer Interactions
  • Combat Improvements
  • Moon Phases
  • Tar Pits
  • Vendor Inventory Expansion
  • Svartalfr Brigands
  • More Unique Locations
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Munin

It's great to see such a clear plan for the future of this title!

Below you can check out the actual roadmap image!

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Until those are out, we'll just have to enjoy what's already in the game! Of course, you can find out what the most recent updates and patches to the game include here, or check out how you cheat the experience with console commands here!

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